Andreas Helgstrand blames bridle

"The blue tongue in recent photos of Akeem Foldager was down to a badly fitted bridle and a curb chain which had inadvertently been adjusted too tightly, according to a press release from Helgstrand Dressage. Helgstrand makes no apologies for his riding."

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Gee, I was always taught decades ago that it was up to me, the rider, to check the tack one last time before getting on, especially if someone else put the tack on, especially the curb chain and throatlatch.

Blue tongues, the majority of the horses behind vertical most of the time, riders putting 5 pounds or more pressure on a horse that is not at a racing gallop, spurring on the flanks of the horse, etc., etc., etc..

I used to think that the American Saddlebreds had it bad for showing, now the supposedly "classical" dressage people are in direct competition with the ASB show people for non-classical riding, artificial movement, and forced high action.  Modern competitive dressage makes the ASB show people look better and better, at least the ASB horses move with their heads in front of vertical.

Who knew? Horses are expected to adjust their own bridle or sh*t letters so their riders get the message.

It is disappointing to see the direction dressage riders are taking the discipline of dressage. We are seeing more riders do the exact opposite of what the basic fundamentals of Dressage advocate. Few are penalized but more are openly reworded for force or training short cuts. We need a call to go back to the basics of the training scale and train with softness, suppleness, and willingness with out the pain, force, and tension that seams to becoming more prevalent. I am disappointed in the above articles out come. As far as we are coming ahead for our animals well fare we are falling behind still. We need more education and progressive change not pointing fingers condemning others. We need to embrace and point every one to a better way.


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