What blanket shopping advice does everybody have? What are your favorite brands that hold up in the pasture with rowdy buddies, and that don't leave rub marks etc.

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I have had good success with Weatherbeeta's. I have an older QH who has a semi prominent wither, 2 TB's who have very high withers and a really round paint at my house and the weatherbeeta's with the normal necks vs high necks fit them all well. None of them are really hard on each others blankets I usually only have a few small tears to fix when they get washed which I would consider to be normal wear. So I am not sure how they would hold up to buddies who are rowdy! None of them have trouble with rubs which is great! 

My favorite brand of all when it comes to blankets is Kensington. I can recommend this blanket guide on horse blankets, really helped me a lot and I ended up buying a couple of the recommended blankets and I'm really happy! 


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