We want to know what your horse's name is? Include photos if you'd like!

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I have Ramona (Mo) and Pure Havoc (Havoc).  I bred and named Havoc.  Generally, people love it, or they hate it, there's no grey there...

My mares' name is Side FX aka Ruby. She is a 10yr old Arabian.

Registered name: Jungle Executive, Barn name: Belle, aka: Belarus, Bella-bum, Smelly & Baby Girl 

Registered name: Pandemonium, Barn name: Dusk, aka: Duck, Dewey & Dufus

Barn name: Faith, aka: Moo, Monkey & Little One

Surprisingly they respond to any their names, well except for Jungle Executive - but I wouldn't come to that either.

Show name: Whisper of Ahmour

Barn name: Whisper

Nickname: ms.piggy

It depends on the day. His given name was Sharif. But I usually call him Buddy. Unless it's one of those days, then it's Teflon Don.

They are all Standardbreds, so their reg. names I'm stuck with except two.
Tiocfaidh Ar La (our day will come...in irish) is my 8 yr old dark bay pacing stud, 16.3 aka Che pronounced Chay) after Che Guevara, named him
Cyber Cast light bay gelding trotter, 7 yr old17 h we call him Riley as in life of Riley...and its an irish name. Don't like his reg name
Da Plane Boss d bay pacer gelding 16 h 11 yr old we call him tattoo after the little actor in fantasy island...which the breeder named him for...his sires name is island fantasy. The guy I bought him from called him boss until we started calling him tattoo now he and everyone that knows him in the racing world here knows him by his nick name :)
we also call him tatty or tatters...if my husband says he's tattoo to him he gets excited...he loves him as he rescued him...he was in such poor condition he almost died when we got him...he's awesome now. The Stealth, l bay trotter gelding 15 h 12 yr old, we call him steel as in little steel horse, or Kermit after the frog cause when he's getting ready to go out to the post parade he gets excited and his eyes get bugged out...he's sires name is revolver...the breeder also had a stud pop gun...and a lot of his are named after guns cause of pop gun as a back sire. Ok name for a race horse
New stud colt red bay, I bought yesterday unraced so I can name him...we're calling him altruistic fella...his mother is truclaye Hanover and his sire Artistic Fella... Usually we go with irish names...but my brother in law even before we decided to buy this one said if he had him he would call him/or an artistic fella colt that...then we decide to buy him and find out his dam has tru in her name...had to go with it...not sure what we will call him...for now just little fella as we call Che big fella since we've had him as a colt..Fella is about 14.2 and maybe 400 lbs..Che is 16.3 and 1300 lbs...big size differences in the two studs!
Anyway that my guys...I don't believe in gelding horses I like the work ethic of studs, so the three geldings were done long before I got them..also for those non-race people once a horse has a race line you are stuck with the name no matter how bad...most of ours get a different barn name than their race name...but have had a few I didn't name that I liked keltic doc was doc, willow Ryan was Ryan, ice on fire was ice... And some that we liked but called a different barn name...head band was brandy, flight two o two was Meg, magesty of time was Maggie, or mago... And legal bequest was Honey Bee or Honey...or just Bee when she would manage to nail one of the other mares going by her stall and we scolded her..and my all time fav name and one my favorite horses was distinguished gent...who we called gent or genty-bear..
Cheers Deb and the boys of Tiocfaidh ar la racing and event stable

Hello everyone!

At this moment I don't have horse but used to and My horse's name

was Amber!

My horse is a Standardbred as well.  His registered name is Special Preview but I call him Monty.

We had a Monty as well....his real name was Monty Midget...we didn't name him but he was really a midget..he had the body size of a horse and the legs of a pony...he was the best raceway horse we ever had and feed all of us and the horses in the 5 years we had him..plus he was an amazing riding horse...he was 14 hands with shoes and used to beat 16 and 17 hand horses...we loved our Monty...!

I adopted Monty once he was done with racing.  He wasn't fast enough.  But he has turned out to be the best riding horse I've every had.  Very sensible and great on the trails.  He'll stay quiet and go for a walk if that's all I want, but is very willing to pick it up and let loose when I ask him.  He has a lovely forward walk and trot.  Loves to gallop but has a hard time with canter--too collected, we're working on that.  And of course, he loves to pace!

Derringer is his name. Half Arab, Blood bay. A sweetheart

My horses registered name is     He's Casually Dunn

Barn name is Cash

Nicknames: Only Cash Left, Bub, Handsome, Bud, Cashous


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