Soulful Horsemanship Audio Book

Soulful Horsemanship Audio Book by Stef Perkins

Introducation: Stef's Story

Stef's Story is a short snippet about the author's journey to writing this book and using a spiritual approach to working with horses.

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Chapter One: Empowered Partnership

Empowered Partnership introduces the philosophy of Soulful Horsemanship by looking at the current horse/human relationship and making a case for why a heart-centered approach to riding and training would be beneficial.

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Chapter Two: Transformed Perspective

Transformed Perspective reviews the importance of building a strong foundation for riding and training. It goes on to illustrate the spiritual and training benefits of using a Soulful approach.

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Chapter Three: Compassionate Confidence

Compassionate Confidence delves into the importance of releasing your fear to live a love-based life full of confidence and compassion. This chapter discusses various techniques – such as observation, play, and desensitization – that will help you to build a trusting bond with your horse.

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Chapter Four: Intuitive Awareness

Intuitive Awareness discusses the importance of our emotions as an internal energetic guidance system.  It looks at the mind, body, and heart connection to understand the importance of congruence in horsemanship.  This chapter introduces meditation, mindfulness, and the art of doing nothing as a way to connect with your horse in the moment to form a deeper bond and understanding.

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Chapter Five: Intentional Communication

Intentional Communication builds on the confidence and awareness skills outlined in the prior two chapters to begin forming a language between the horse and human that is understandable to both. It discusses the importance of communication on the ground, a new perspective on the ridden aids, and the communication of rewards and corrections. Finally, it delves into an in-depth example of how all of the concepts discussed work together to clearly and compassionately communicate with your horse.

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Chapter Six: Humble Leadership

Humble Leadership begins by looking at the importance of leadership. the qualities of a leader, and how the horse can help you to strengthen your leadership skills. The chapter goes on to discuss the ways in which you must lead your horse through training. It also includes thoughts on how to manage misunderstandings and set up a successful training session.

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Be sure to check back as Stef adds more chapters to her free audio book here on Barnmice!

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