By M. Garzon Petal
Press Softcover $13.95 344 pages

If you liked the popular Twilight books and films, just imagine horses instead of vampires or wolves, mixed with intrigue and deception and a forbidden love. If that thought gets your pulse racing, I highly recommend you check out Blaze of Glory, the first of a series of books from Canadian author M. Garzon, which is soon to become a major television series. This is a heavy book - literally - at 344 pages it’s packed with the twists and turns of seventeen year old Tea’s life as she navigates her way through family secrets, tragedy and loss, while discovering love and a new maturity. The book has been given the thumbs-up from USA TODAY and as soon as you start turning the pages of the first chapter, you’ll understand why. Tea’s relationship with her widowed stepfather is tense and always just this side of explosive. Her twin brother, Seth, her horses and show-jumping are the centre of Tea’s life until she discovers a new obsession…and his name is Jaden.

This is the perfect read for teens and young adults who love to live their lives in the saddle and in the moment. Blaze of Glory is more than just a Harlequin romance with horses; it offers well developed characters, thanks to author Garzon’s own personal real-life experiences, who experience situations that are not beyond real-life actualization. Garzon knows her subject and readers well. She rode horses professionally for ten years until an injury forced her to change careers. Not only did she return to school and complete a B.Sc., she got her MBA, too. But after several years as a business consultant, she knew that an office-bound life was not for her and that her new-found passion for writing would be the saving grace for her sanity! She recently completed the second book in this series, Look Twice (which I’ll review in May) and is now hard at work on the third installment.

Reviewed by Glenda Fordham

March 2013

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