Find Momo

A Photography Book by Andrew Knapp
Reviewed by Glenda Fordham

Readers of this adorable new book of photos can play hide-and-seek through the pages with the world's cutest, happiest border collie, Momo, who also just happens to be a major internet superstar.

Back in the fall of 2012, photographer Andrew Knapp took his border collie, Momo, into the woods to play catch. Knapp threw a stick but Momo was not interested in retrieving it - he wanted to play a game of hide-and-seek instead. After searching for his furry friend, Knapp found Momo waiting for his master hidden behind some trees, tail wagging furiously. Inspired by the beauty of the scene, Knapp picked up his camera and snapped a few shots of Momo. He posted these on Instagram with the #findmomo hashtag and in a very short time, Momo became an Internet sensation and Knapp's pet project (pun intended) attracted interest from media giants like the Huffington Post, Mashable and

Knapp, a freelance interface designer and photographer from northern Ontario, is completely dog crazy and has a desire to make everyday routines into creative adventures. He has presented a TEDx Talk, collaborated on an Instamissions project with MTV and Sony, and been feature in national and international media outlets including the Huffington Post, Mashable,, and the Daily Mail Online.  Knapp's BFF, Momo, is an adorable brown-eyed, five-year-old border collie with a genius for hiding, and has over 130,000 Instagram fans. Why not say hello yourself and follow Andrew and Momo's adventures at

Find Momo: A Photography Book (Quirk Books - $14.95) was just published this past March and is a colourful collection of Knapp’s charming photographs that invites readers to search each page for the ever-cute, ever-eager border collie who is so skilled at hiding in a variety of settings. Sometimes you gotta squint, sometimes you gotta hold the page away from your eyes…oh look, there he is! With 140+ pages of beautifully shot photos, readers can look for Momo in famous locales like Central Park in New York City and Millennium Park in Chicago, as well as in farm fields, snow banks, toy stores, log piles, building sites and out in the wide open spaces of the US and Canadian prairies.

Full of striking colourful images, Find Momo is part art book and part canine "Where's Waldo?" and it will challenge and inspire dog lovers, photography buffs, and animal lovers of all ages. It’s an ideal book for the whole family to take to the cottage or for hanging out in the barn on rainy days. I've gone through the book several times now and still chuckle when I find Momo hiding behind a pile of rocks, stacks of lumber, amongst the crazy decorations of a Christmas crèche or peeping out from a pile of building rubble. Momo hides, Andrew shoots and we score!

Publisher: Quirk Books
ISBN: 978-1-59474-678-9 
E-ISBN: 978-1-59474—683-3 
Price: $14.95 

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