By Rose Reisman


- Are there foods that may help fight fatigue?

Try these next time you feel like grabbing a double double coffee and muffin at your 3 pm slump:


Yogurt is rich in probiotics which aids in digesting our food which prevents fatigue.

Wheat bran cereals contain fibre that increases your energy and awareness and lowers emotional distress.

Whole grains contain complex carbs which break down slowly keeping your blood sugar level boosting your energy.

Dark chocolate contains antioxidants which boost serotonin making us happier and reducing fatigue.

Tea has an amino acid called theanine not contained in coffee which improves alertness and memory.

Pumpkin seeds contain magnesium which improves fatigue after working out.

Walnuts containing omega 3 fatty acids relieves depression symptoms which account for fatigue.

You’ll have energy to kill!


is an entrepreneur whose strength lies in recognizing the ever-changing needs of the wellness marketplace. She is an author, health and wellness consultant, caterer, public speaker, media personality, and mother of four children.

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