By Jayce Lee

- Are you still spending lots of time in the gym without much result? Or are you wanting to start working out but feel like you don’t have the time during the week in your schedule available?

Well the great news is that your workouts don’t have to take long to be effective! You could even achieve an entire week’s workout in less than an hour!

There are many ways to make a workout more intense. For our purpose, since we want to make our workouts more time effective, we will shorten the rest periods. Keep in mind that an intense workout will elevate your heart rate and you want to keep it up at a fairly manageable level. During the workout you should feel slightly out of breath, should be hot and/or sweating and should feel uncomfortable (muscles burning). Your more intense workout won’t take as long, but you’ll accomplish a lot more work in less time.

Here are a few of ways you can make your workout a “high intensity workout”

- Exercise for time rather than repetitions
- Choose a length of time to do an exercise for rather than repetitions. For example, instead of doing your 15 squats, try doing squats for 30 seconds.
- Take out your rest periods between exercises
- Transition quickly between exercises to keep your heart rate at a higher rate.
- Throw in an exercise that will hike your heart up quickly
- Add in exercises like jumping jacks, skipping rope, step ups or burpees between strength exercises to quickly raise your heart rate
- Exercise with shorts bursts of intensity
- When doing cardio, try adding in short intervals of high resistance or a fast speed. For example, if on a treadmill, try increasing the incline by 5-10% or the speed to a sprint for 30 seconds. Add this high intensity component every 3-5 minutes in your cardio regime and you’ll feel a big difference after the workout!

Here is a sample workout that anyone can do at with minimal equipment for an intense workout.

As many rounds as possible in 15 min of:
- 10 Squats
- 10 Pushups
- 10 Situps

High intensity training can be a very effective way to get you to your results in a lot less time! What are you waiting for?

Fitness Expert and Certified Trainer, Jayce Lee, B.P.H.E. (

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