Horse Book Review: RIM-FYRE and THE STONES OF TIME


By M.K. Tait-Zeller

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I had the pleasure of reviewing Mitzy Tait-Zeller's earlier book, Hoof Prints on My Heart in the March/April edition of The Rider, and was thrilled to learn her next book was waiting in the wings for release in late May or early June. In Rim-Fyre and the Stones of Time, the author takes her readers on a mystical ride from present day rural Saskatchewan back to an earlier era when the Canadian “wild west” was being settled and horses were an essential part of everyday life. Throw in some supernatural time-travelling and suddenly you find yourself joining the lead character, Serena, on a spirit quest, guided by native Canadians, wild creatures and with a proud stallion as your loyal protector.

Like England’s Stonehenge, Canada also has magical stones that are hidden in the deep native prairie grass in southwest Saskatchewan. They appear to have been strategically arranged by unknown inhabitants from a long-forgotten past. The native Canadians no longer remember the original purpose of this "medicine wheel" so many centuries ago but the local medicine man certainly knows they still hold secrets and great powers. The local native Canadians also believe that animals have served as intermediaries between humans and supernatural forces – a belief that still holds true to this day. Local rancher and mother, Serena, seeks relief from her seemingly hum-drum life of normalcy and domesticity by taking her fiery Canadian stallion, Rim-Fyre, out for frequent rides into the surrounding woods and prairies. On one such ride, which she thinks will just be for a few hours, Rim-Fyre takes her on a journey more than a century away from home and family. Serena's mysterious ride becomes a soul searching quest to reconnect with her own spirituality. Is Rim-Fyre just a horse or is he something more? And can Serena and Rim-Fyre unlock the secrets of the ancient stones to find their way back home?

 As I turned each page, I could "see" the characters as the story unfolded; this would make an amazing movie and in my mind I've already cast the leads - I won't spoil it for you so I'll let you make your own casting decisions but I definitely think Kate Winslet or Sandra Bulloch would make a great Serena. There are so many exciting twists and turns in the plot that it’s a hard book to put down and there were times my heart was pounding as loudly as Rim-Fyre’s hoof beats. If you're planning on spending any time at the cottage, by the pool or curled up under a leafy tree this summer, THIS is the book you should have in your hands.

Author and experienced equine enthusiast Mitzy Tait-Zeller is the recipient of the 2013 Equine Welfare Communications Award from the Saskatchewan Horse Federation and Farm Animal Council. She devotes her time to her family, horses and raising awareness through her passion for writing of Equine Welfare and promoting the Canadian, Canada's National Horse.

Reviewed by Glenda Fordham

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