By Rose Reisman

- So you have taken all the advice about eating better and exercising, only to find yourself with a fitness injury? Fitness experts say that anyone can get a fitness related injury regardless of their experience. It is equally true that everyone can take steps to prevent injuries from happening in the first place.

The most popular injuries are:

Pulls and strains of the hamstring and thigh, followed by leg or calf muscles, knees and ankles.

The more out of shape you are when you start to work out, the greater your risk of injury, especially if your muscles are weak.

To prevent injury:

· Warm up before you exerciseRegardless of your skill level and conditioning, stretching your muscles by warming up them is important.

· Don’t push yourself too hard. At first, take it slowly. If you are a beginner, there is no point overexerting yourself on the first try.

· Stop your exercise if you are in painTake a day of rest. If you are still in pain, when doing the same exercise, you probably have an injury. Either rest or see a professional to help with pain.

Once you have an injury

· Some injuries can heal on their own with time, usually within 4 weeks or less. 4 mantras to keep in mind when you have an injury: Rest, ice, compression, elevation.

· Experts say that although rest is important, confining yourself to a bed is not. The more you are able to move, the faster your recovery will be.

· If you are concerned with gaining weight during recovery, you can start exercising another part of your body. In fact, fitness trainers recommend that if you have injured your upper body, start training your lower body.

Make sure you heal before you get back to your normal routine. Once you begin, start slowly.

is an entrepreneur whose strength lies in recognizing the ever-changing needs of the wellness marketplace. She is an author, health and wellness consultant, caterer, public speaker, media personality, and mother of four children. For more articles like this one, please visit

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