Having a passion is finding something you love, and totally submersing yourself in it.


Horses have been my passion for a really long time. Sure, I'm only 17... but I know for a fact I have found MY passion. It all started way back when I was only old enough to tie my shoes. I don't remember first time I watched it, but still I know this movie is timeless to me. Black Beauty. Something about that movie made my heart race. The scene when the Black is saddled for the very first time... and they go racing off into the field. At that exact moment, every single time I watched it, I would close my eyes and imagine that that was me. A pipe dream... this could never happen. Or could it?


And then all of a sudden it hits you... It was like being in love for the first time. You all of a sudden find yourself taking every spare second out of your day to read about them, watch video clips, movies... google images. Your obsessed! You find yourself dreaming about them, and pretending that your bycicle has four legs. Every time you hit a hill, you close your eyes and imagine that you are galloping through a field. You canter around the schoolyard... and amidst all the stares and negatitve looks - you feel free. Why is this? Because you, my friend, have caught the horse bug. It's a very hard bug to get rid of (I would say impossible) and it stays in your system for an incredibly long time.


I did most of my growing up in a city. I lived within walking distance to Wal-Mart, and had a wendy's down the street. I had a few friends that really liked horses too, at the time. And every summer, we would take a couple weeks and go to a riding camp a little bit out in the rural area. Camps really are a fantastic way to spend time with horses! Especially when your younger... it was honestly heavan on earth to me. Sure, most people would say that those horses are nags, but in my eyes... they were perfect. A milestone. Riding camp. Trotting away on your noble steed for the very first time. You may not have pictures to prove it, but at least you have that sense of accomplishment.


Finally begging your parents enough to get them to let you take riding lessons. A milestone. Knowing that you officially don't have to wait all year to spend some time with horses. Knowing that you'll get to see your best friends every single week without fail. Rain or shine. Winter, summer, spring or fall.


The most important milestone of my early stages of a horse enthusiast... was the day that I first saw Comet. I was a 12 year old girl that wanted her own horse more than anything. I wanted that bond that I saw in the movies, and that I read about in the books. In all honesty, I knew nothing about owning a horse, and neither did my parents. We rushed into buying Comet... without a seconds notice, I was the proud owner of my very own horse. A green as can be 16hh thoroughbred. Good choice for a beginner right? :) haha...


Moving three hours away complicated things... we were building a house, and my family was living in my aunt and uncles basement... what went from "only three months..." escaladed into an entire year. And even worse off... my horse was 45 minutes away, and I only got to see him once a week. (sometimes only once every two weeks.) I was training a thoroughbred to become a reliable riding horse all on my own.


Milestone. The day that we can board right down the road from my house. It was a miracle. Milestone, the day I jumped my horse 4' for the first time and realized that I had succeeded in my goal. I trained this horse all on my own... and did a fine job. I became a much better rider in the process.


A summer of horse shows finally got me where I wanted to be. Jumping. The thought makes my heart "jump" for joy. I love it. Milestone. Improving on your jumping position.


Now, here I am... the real reason I started this blog post. Most of you probably decided to stop reading a while back. But, in case your still here... THIS is the reason I am up almost three hours later than I should be. This is the thing that is keeping me up to all hours of the night...


The last milestone in my early days of an equestrian enthusiast is selling your first horse. Crying into your pillow, not wanting to let him go. But, knowing that it's for the best. It's time to move on, and circumstances have changed. Realizing that you need a horse more suited to your improving riding ability, and realizing that you need a horse who's heart is as much into jumping as yours is.


On wednesday... someone may very likely drive away with my horse. My boy. A sad milestone, but an important one. If you can get through this one... than horses could very well be your passion. Comet, it's been a great four years.

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