What it Takes to Succeed in Sport and Life

People looking in from the outside of someone's life - someone in the middle of pulling off miracles of athleticism or resilience - often wonder how on earth they do it. From the outside, it can look impossible to the rest of us, like some sort of Magic! That's because we have separated ourselves from them; putting them so far up on pedestals that they start to look like veritable Gods, way up there in the sky!

Pedestaling others is a preposterous practice that so many of us are guilty of. The distance we put between 'us' and 'them' creates a chasm that prevents the connection and learning we need, to do what they do so well. And it's a drag, no matter which side of that sky-high stool you are on, hiding under it in the shade feeling unworthy of the sun ... or swaying up there on your unasked-for plinth in the glare of so much misunderstood attention and envy. There is no connection, no reality. From this perspective, we can’t tell if where they are at, is even somewhere we want to go, or what it took for them to get there.
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