Who else is following American Idol this year? Who do you want to win? Who do you think will win? Who do you want OFF?? I wanted Carly to win and couldn't believe she got the boot!

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That was bad about Carly - but as they say, wrong song choice! I like David Cook!
Yah I loved Carly. But since she's gone Im all for David Cook! I really hope he wins! The other David seems a bit too young for it. So Go DAVID COOK!
I don't think Jason is trying at all any more. I like the younger David! I agree he's a bit young, but what a voice. David Cook will probably win though - or maybe Jason (just kidding!!)
Yah, The young David has a good voice, but David Cook is AWESOME! I really think he should win.
Boy, the judges (including Paula) really went out of their way to ensure the selection of the two Davids in the final. Frankly, I think Sayesha is much more interesting than David A. I can't wait to see her on Broadway (which is what she is trying out for in my view based on the recent staging of her songs).

David C. is definitely going to win.
Boy, I hope DC wins it. After last night it looks like they all want DA to win it.
DC is the best. DA just acts like a little boy to me. He has a great voice but needs to grow up.
I will be watching tonight.
DA was fantastic last night and I think DC chose the wrong last song, although I personally really liked it. I think if he had chosen Billy Jean, he would be in a different position tonight. He still might win. I think this is the closest it has ever been.
I'm rooting for Cook.
I also think DA always looks like he suppressing the hiccups and is blinking dust out of his eyes. Whereas Cook seems the star already.
Yes! DC wins. I am so happy for him. He will go far.
Great season. Looking forward to the next year.
I agree! David Cook was definitely the right choice!! They sure draw out the final show though...haha
OMG YAY!!! David Cook won!!! Go DC. I'm so happy about it. Its so nice that he was almost in tears when he won. He really must have been grateful.


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