Has any one heard what happened to the Triple Crown hopeful Big Brown? I really thought this horse would go all the way....the media said he would make history....but finishing last was not what I was hoping for.

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There was an article in the paper yesterday. The jockey says he really still isn't sure what happened. I think he was right to pull up to horse though, if he thought something was wrong. I think they do plan to run him again in the near future. This whole thing brings up questions about steroid use, since the horse had been getting regular injections, but hadn't had one just before the Belmont. Also, I wonder how bad that quarter crack was. I guess the horse will be back running on steroids in his next race.
They have discussed it over and over in the media and really don't think the quarter crack was all that bad. Especially since they are running him again soon. However they did decide to take him off the Winstrol for the Belmont to prove that it wasn't the key factor in his racing performance. Hmmmm. Wonder if he will be back on it for his next race. Brown really looked quite pissed off with his jockey when he broke from the gate and wanted to go to the lead and he wouldn't let him. He was fighting with his head several times. Then he had to go around two horses and swing really wide to try to make it to the front. Perhaps that in itself took a toll on his stamina? I don't think we will ever know. Kudos to his jockey that he decided to pull him up and save him for his next race rather than waste him on a poor finish. Apparently some 'fans' weren't too pleased however and he was booed by some as he left the track. A shame.
The jockey's strategy in the Belmont was similar to that in the Preakness, and an especially wise tactic for the long Belmont race: - he got the horse to the outside and just behind the leaders, held him in to save his speed, and urged him forward rounding the far turn. This time, though, there was no horse there and the jockey sensibly pulled him up, possibly preventing injury to both of them. I could see that Big Brown was NOT responding to the jockey's urging at the far turn, so it just was not his day to win. I am very pleased that they have found nothing wrong with him. He's a winning horse regardless.
Regarding the use of steroids, the trainer pulled him off Winstrol and did not give the colt's physiology a chance to adjust, so if anyone blew this race it was the trainer - the one who is blaming everyone but himself, the one who has been guilty of doping horses before.
We all want to see another Triple Crown winner, but not at the expense of a horse's life, or health. Unfortunately Dutrow (the trainer) didn't prove that Big Brown could race without steroids, and he's not interested in trying it again, he's only interested in winning, so he's putting the horse back on Winstrol. The only good thing about all this is the attention it's getting from Congress. Let's hope this sleazy business gets cleaned up, for the sake of the magnificent animals that are so abused by it.
Interesting that the trainer has been guilty of doping horses before. I wonder when this drug will become illegal?
From what I heard at Churchhill Downs that the use of Winstol is suppose to become illegal to use next year....someone correct me if I am wrong on this, but there was a lot of talk about the use of this drug on Derby Day through the media. I guess you have to take into consideration that an arrogant attitude will catch up to you later to bring you back down to earth. Sometimes a little humility goes a long way. : )
Well said, Bonnie. You really give a clear understanding of what happened. Many thanks.
Pretty much every one knew this but his trainer was a juicer and he ran with a quarter crack in his front hoof.
He's actually running tomorrow in the $1 million Haskell Invitational at Monmouth Park. Just google his name and you'll get some info. Seems to be getting back into training well. They suspect that another problem he didn't finish well in the Belmont was because one of his shoes was loosened in the beginning of the race.


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