I found this and think it's hysterical!

The Sheath Cleaning Song
Author Unknown

(Sing it to the tune of "Hello Mother, Hello Father" from camp song)

How's it hangin'?
So much cleaner.
Aren't you glad I
washed your wiener?

I'll admit it's
kinda creepy
that I had to stick my arm up in your pee-pee.

It was sticky.
It was gunky.
It felt icky.
It smelled funky.

It was cruddy,
it was crusty--
when you stuck it out, it creaked like it was rusty.

After half an
hour of toilin'
and of squirtin'
baby oil in,
you're as fresh there
as a daisy.

Either this means I love you or else I'm crazy!!!

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Hahahaha I love it (the song, not so much the job, though I agree it's absolutely necessary)!! xD
Very cute. Cleaned so many in 50+ years owning horses that I don't think twice...
Hee Hee ! Yup we love them!
Best song ever!!!!...i have to use that one when cleaning satllions for collection
Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! excellent.
Some people seem so grossed...just a part of the gelding nature. If they start getting smelly or your horse starts trying to rub his tail, it's time to check it out.
It is just part of the routine to me like cleaning their stinky feet....well, not as often!
I do wonder what happens in the natural world of horses? Does it ever become a problem and if not, why not?
The song is so cute.
Your totally right Shirley, what do they do without us in the wild?? They manage , so myself I have not touched it and really unless I see something that tells me it's time to I won't touch it. But the song is funny!!!

Hahaha, I laughed hearing this song. It is a pretty yucky but necessary job, so having this song in my head will make me laugh next time.

Actually, my 25 year old QH gelding (his name is Century) likes having himself "cleaned out" down there. He is very cooperative, stands perfectly still like a real gentleman and is really quiet. Don't even have to tie him.  The funny thing is when I am finished, he wants to "inspect" what I've removed.....not sure what he thinks I've found, but he does this every time.   It's the same when I'm picking out his feet, he has to sniff the hoofpick.  He's a funny old boy, love him to pieces.




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