Kibongo, the baby Lemur. What does he make you think of??

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I want one!!
That's really strange and I mean really strange !!! It makes me think of a cat,monkey like thing with big eyes and a crazy hair do
i dont know. it's sort of freaky. it looks like a monkey cross baboon.

P.S. what is it?
He makes me think of an alien with hair!
Lol, I'm having a great laugh reading everyone's descriptions! I can't decide what he looks like - but it does look like someone took him home and put him in their bed - or else a poodle is lying on him!!!
It looks like a baby lemur that had a bit too much coffee and forgot to do her hair.
I find this guy totally creepy. He looks fake :S
He (she?) looks like he's lying in someone's bed. Can you imagine lifting the covers to find this??? I can't decide if I should be cooing or screaming in terror!
it makes me think that I can't wait for him to grow up when he will be so beautiful.... an ugly baby unfortunately.


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