It was suggested to me that one of my horses can't be given any Fort Dodge vaccinations. The previous owner left me strict instructions about looking for another manuf. for any/all vaccinations.

I wonder if anyone has an idea or suggestion or had similar problems.

I read some interesting news about the likelihood of FD West Nile Virus vaccinations being linked to deformed/aborted foals. I don't have any personal knowledge of this nor does my vet.

Also, the vet isn't interested in purchasing one dose of things needed for vaccinations for this mare so I'm looking for a different company for all 5 of my horses or just a source of one dose of all vaccinations we need.

I have been to the clinics that Dr. Dan Moore gives, The Natural Horse Vet, and liked his philosophy on care, feeding etc. He doesn't believe we need to vaccinate, doesn't worm unless needed,-does a stool check - and when I emailed him about this problem he said- U are asking the wrong person, he has over 300 horses, national champions, shown all over the country and still doesn't feel the need to vaccinate. It isn't the law.

What is the alternative?

Many vet sites on the web discuss the over-vaccination of dogs and cats too. The thought is that the body is NOT given time to build its own anitbodies, and we are weakening the gene pool and
creating SUPER bugs that are tolerant to our current meds.

I have to find something for this mare, she isn't fully paid for yet and I sure don't want to take any chances with her health, nor any of the other horses for that matter.

Looking for your thoughts...

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I had a horse with the same problem. My vet will not under any circumstances vaccinate the horse. (He said he would no longer look after my animals if I got him to; because he felt so strongly about it!!) When the horse was in the US they got all their shots with no problems, now here in Canada they react so bad that death could be the result if they are ever vaccinated again!! My vet did say that this horses' antibodies 'should' be much higher then the average horse because the body reacted so bad that last time they were that made me feel a bit better!! I make sure all my horses (with the exception of that one) are all vaccinated.My vet said that the horse should be fine where the others are all up to date. ...It is a tough topic (and decision to make), but where my horses life was on the line I opted out of each their own I guess...all the best with girl!!
I appreciate your reply, Seems there must be others with the same reaction, we just haven't heard about it. I wasn't sure about giving this product to my other horses so I contacted a couple of distributors in my area. I talked to two different salesmen, they offered another brand of vaccinations for me to buy. Those are sold to Tractor Supply Co., in my area.
I plan to phone the Vet in Tennesse tomorrow, and ask if he used a different product than the Ft Dodge.

I want to be safe, but won't risk the loss of the horse from an alergic reaction that I can avoid.
Thanks for sharing your information, I'm going to look at your website. Hope to talk with you again.
Hey no problem!! I did call my vet in the US about the names/types of vaccinations he gave my horse and it was the same brand here in vet said they must put something different in it?

Good luck with would be so much easier if they were just a 'normal' horses wouldn't it!! :P


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