I am beginning to wonder about horsemen and horsewomen insisting on "playing" with their horses.
When I started out riding, people did not play with their horses. It was heavily discouraged because it ENCOURAGES DISRESPECT. If you wanted to get your horse fit, you WORKED him properly, schooling him in a well thought out program.
If all a horse does around you is play he starts thinking that he does not have to work at all unless he feels like it.
You have to TRAIN a horse to obey you.
Am I just an old fashioned fuddy-duddy?

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I think this is the most important point you have made Jackie - about enjoying our horses. There are many 'old' methods that are still around, but what I would hope to see changing is the 'old' attitudes. The old ways are often the most effective, but it's sometimes about how they are applied that makes them seem new.
Jackie, So you are a rebel of sorts!
We will probably never agree more then with your statement, "they are a gift from heaven that make our lives much more bearable"
Wow! How did anyone ever survive the first years of riding to ever become a good rider? I'm not sure I'd had survived your instructors.

It seems the boldness ingrained in you has probably been much of the reason you are bold enough today to continue riding difficult horses with your challenging health issues. But you have the gift of a good kind heart.

I suppose some would think me cowardice, I think so at times. BUT, I'm not willing to settle for that and I keep trying to stay brave enough to progress in my riding and it's never fast enough but the progress is there.

I don't know how I ever got so frightened but I think the fear has been much deeper then horses. As I get braver with horses, I get braver in life. At some point I will end up giving up defending my choices and just get on with spending more time with horses ...in and out of the saddle!

I have very much enjoyed your comments and look forward to more. You certainly are not a fuddy duddy.

My poor brain is getting all tuckered out for the moment. There is never enough time and energy for all the good things in life. You & Jesse both keep me thinking about new things. Thanks!
Yes, dealing with horses makes us much braver with the rest of life. I think this is the reason that upper class people still ride horses, not just for the fun, but for the character building!!! I was raised to be afraid of everything (especially horses) and trained never to think on my own. Horses sure cured that!
The great thing about horses is that you can work on your courage for decades if need be, just as I did. They respond to every step, let us lapse occasionally, and when they (the horses) think we are ready to advance again, present us with a challenge, let us conquer our fear of it, and continue on forever if necessary. Since as women we usually are raised to be afraid of EVERYTHING it is so wonderful that these enormous animals work with us to help us overcome these deeply inplanted fears--so long we do not hurt them all the time.
Oliver and I played on Saturday... it was the best time I ever had with my horse... and we were playing. I spend time revving him up, then calming him down.... speed control, etc.... if he gets wild it's my job to get him back on track... anyway, our relationship is just getting better and better and he is happier than I've ever seen him before.... me too. :)
Wonderful, I am so glad that he is responding. What are you doing to make his headaches better?
nothing too much yet, just the two treatments that he's had... I did learn though where the pressure points are to the lower jaw.... right on the outside of the ears at the bottom... and I rub his head for him and give him massages....


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