I love the responses to my first thread but I couldn't blab anymore, there was no more room reply to Sarah's cool posting about orienteering... my kind of thing... I see me and Oliver out on the trails as soon as I can figure out my stranger danger thing... for sure... today at liberty we walked over the logs I have in my arena and clicked each time he went over one, he didn't like the puddle though so that's a new thing to work on, we played in the water, advance and retreat games we did, and my circle game .... then I worked him on the line which I mean haltering him without him exasperating me when  he tried to run off with it and put it in his mouth and shake his head.... but no laughing either... ... remember, my first objective was to get the chip off his shoulder and to keep him from pulling the rope away and running off with my arm, LOL... so when there was no slack in the rope I was patient, when he had slack I clicked him yes, when he would walk with slack I made a fool out of myself with praise and now he's leading really nice woohoo and we are doing obstacles... Sarah, my area of handsen dam has an orienteering game, a poker ride, tons of stuff but I don't ever do anything, the Christmas Parade, but we'll get there.... :)  we have competitive trailrides too, cow sorting all sorts of cool stuff... we live in an entirely equestrian neighborhood... Oliver has a bad rep around town though, uh oh... LOL...

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Oliver says Hay Guys look at me willingly listening to my mom... I'm not pawing because of confusion and I'm not standing still giving her the make me look.... even Toby is coming with us.... and if you listen closely you can hear my voice. :)

I'll be interested to think of what my friend Jackie thinks of Oliver "eyes" here in the last moment when he's looking at you....
Oliver's eyes, wow, they are bigger!
Toby's eyes are bigger too. I think with Toby that you are finally getting him out of his shell. He looks so interested and responsive.
Both horses look so interested and engaged with working with you. They are in great physical shape too.
Several of the riding masters say that if the horseman trains his horse correctly that the horse will get more beautiful. You sure are succeeding there!
poor guy I was working with him today and he got a little crabby and worried.... he did so many things right that I blew acknowledging that I got him demotivated... I video taped myself.. he was doing so great and then I just blew it... he is trying so hard.... he's so cute... see ya!! Jen
my most recent video of me and oliver is under a new blog, "why don't more people have a relationship with their horse".. by Avesha not so much clicker anymore now that I taught him some stuff... now we are onto speed control, woohoo!!
I don't claim to fully understand clicker training, while I do have a friend that clicker trains I did have to Goggle it to read up. From what I understand, eventually the clicker, and all rewards except the praise reward, which is given no matter what the training method, can eventually be done away with; animals clicker trained, as reported in several of the articles I read, can transition from clicker/food to praise reward and eventually to praise reward only. Gerri clicker trained her dogs and horses, but she doesn't carry a clicker around with her and gets the respect and good behavior she trained for, she's the only one I've had any first hand info from. And yes, one of her horses did take longer than the others to 'get it', he'd been terribly spoiled and let get away with undesirable behavior by his previous owner, so it did take quite a bit longer; still, with persistence and consistency he's now a very well behaved horse. Jennifer, I'm so happy to hear that things are moving along for you and Oliver, keep up the good work...and yes, every single time there's an audience, you can expect things not to go as well as they did when there wasn't an audience, lol.
anyone that is having good success with their horses and seeing their willingness and "heart" is having a relationship that works for them and their mount... that is all I care about... however it works for each of us, hallelujah.. the horses deserve to be treated with communication not domination.... :) thanks for the positive response Sarah!!
Hi, Jennifer:

I was just checking in, and I have to say it's a thrill to watch you becoming a mentor! Your relationship with Oliver has changed completely, and now you've got Toby on board too. It will take time for people to change their ideas about Oliver, but the proof is in the pudding!
Jan, Thanks!! I'm excited about it..... and feeling ready to start trying to ride him!! woohoo....
Hey kids.... I wanted a push button horse... :) wanna know my biggest issue with this horse of mine??? moving the shoulders..... anyway, here is my work in progress..... using my crop as a magic wand... :) take it easy..... it's HOT here... I'm off to work...


the top one is my video of energy work.. sorry... teaching him to trot...


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