BLIND rescue horse - Solstice- sees by Echolocation - JordyCanid's BlindSight!

We're SOO incredibly excited for Solstice. he has been completely blind for several years, and nowt hanks to this prototype product, he is visualizing his world via echolocation!!

Solstice sees by Echolocation - JordyCanid's BlindSight!

Meet SOLSTICE! "Sol" went blind about 4 years ago, gradually, due to an illness. He now sees via a 3-D-wave echolocation device called BlindSight by He came to CWER in March 2015, and was fitted with the 1st ever equine version of the BlindSight earlier this year.The device sends out a grouping of sound waves similar to that of a dolphin approximately every second, so he gets 'snapshots' of the world, like a child's flipbook cartoon.Watch the whole video to see how incredibly well "Sol" is able to navigate his world!!!This is working AMAZINGLY well for our Solstice and in fact we now have a 2nd blind horse here who is just starting to learn to use one. We are working with the designer to just to the eye positioning and views of a prey animal rather than predator, and think the next box will be a huge step forward for Sol's vision.<THINK WHAT WE'RE DOING IS IMPORTANT? Please donate at to help Crosswinds Equine Rescue, Inc. Horse Rescue help horses like Solstice and the new girl, Cricket, as well as the 12 other sighted horses currently in our care.

Posted by Crosswinds Equine Rescue, Inc. Horse Rescue on Sunday, June 28, 2015

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