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I will be getting a new horse soon and im still not too sure what level horse i should get and what height.

I got a dressage pony nearly 2 years ago but had to be retierd because of athritis. He was a level 3 and we were pretty good together eventhough he was a bit of a handful at times as he was quite spooky etc. Height wise i would have probably still gotten another year out of him but probably would be looking pretty big on him. He is 14hh so mum said i should get a hack because i would probably only be able to ride a pony for max 2 seasons. What do you guys think?? Maybe a big pony?? and also what level im at about 3 or 4 but i do find it quite challenging at times should i get a horse that is atleast a level higher than me or a horse lower or the same level?




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I don't do dressage, I do western pleasure (which to me is much more closer to dressage then reining) I just went through what you have, I had been riding what we consider a "local" showing horse, but I wanted to go further, so for me we purchased a horse a few levels higher then my level so with an instructor I could move further in my lessons and learn for a couple good years before moving on. So first thing is, try and get as high of a level of horse that you can, without breaking the bank. Next thing is go to a horse, then you can leanr and grow at the same time.
Always always get a horse that fits you first and foremost. If you are tall enough for a tall pony say one closer to 14.3 hands, then that is what you look for, that or a smaller horse. You and your Mom should have an idea of how much more you will grow, height wise that is.

I suggest also looking for a horse that is one level higher than you are IF you have a trainer you work with regularly. Otherwise again, I would just match your ability. As you progress so will your horse. :) If you have regular help then you will progress that much faster. Well and just because someone else was able to do 4th level on said horse, doesn't mean you will be able to. Not all horses are school masters either.

Not all "higher level" horses are spooky. ;) Much of that comes with how they have been handled, worked, etc. and of course age and exposure. Not unlike any horse in any discipline.
Hey Thanks for the replies. I have two trainers and would have a trainer with me at all times and my mum says that i will probably grow alot pretty soon so i was thinking a smallish horse. That i could ride for quite sometime.
I have looked at your pictures and from that I would suggest a normal hight horse that you will grow up to.
However the size of the horse is not very important.

The more important factor is how you can handle the horse. I have seen some pretty big horses that children could manage easily and you are not a little child anymore. You are strong enough to ride a well educated horse.

I think you should look for an experienced, well trained horse that you can enjoy learning from.

A horse can teach you how to do things, especially when supervised by a good trainer, but even the best trainer is no replacement for a good horse to learn from.

In any case I wouldn't be concerned about the size of the horse. Within reasonable limits the size doesn't really matter. Its the horses responsiveness and education level.



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