I have had this colt for going on three months and we still cant find a name for him. we have tried a bunch but non seam to feet this fella any one have issues naming a horse?

I always wanted a palomino but never thought I would get on so I think that is part of my problem.

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Do you have a photo? That might help us to give you some name ideas :)

Or tell us some things about his personality.

I agree with Barnmice and Marlene--the best names fit a horse's personality or appearance. 

A variation on that approach is to take a particular characteristic and convert that into the language of your heritage or of a culture with which you feel particularly close. For instance, I'm Scottish, so I'll convert an especially strong trait of the filly or colt into Scottish Gaelic (for instance, "happy" becomes "Eamann," pronounced AE-mun). I love ancient Roman history, so I might choose a Latin descriptor ("happy" becomes "Felix" or "Laetus").

Here is the color descriptor "golden," for example, in several languages: aureus or flavus (Latin), dorato (Italian), doré (French), dorado or áureo (Spanish), and so on.

I hope that prods your imagination. 

Did you ever choose a name? :)


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