Cloud of The Rockies and his hed, NEED YOUR URGENT HELP- PLEASE

Cloud, wild stallion of the Rockies and his herd NEED HELP!!
Yes, it will help if you contact people. There was a young girl from the UK who had one wish, to see wild horses. Her father contacted Ginger Kathrens and for her graduation present he sent her to the US and Ginger took her out to see Cloud's herd. I think our Government needs to understand just how important these horses are, not to only American's as part of our Heritage, but to the world.

To get a better understanding, here is an amazing write up of Cloud's round up ... n-of-cloud’s-herd/ blog has a lot of information (make sure to sign the petition and pass it on! ... horse-herd

And this just came to me today,about what we need to focus on when we make our calls and send our letters
If you are reading the blog below and Ginger's urgent request to keep on keeping on, then we are hoping you all can help us. Calling the media and your political representatives repeatedly is crucial in this grassroots campaign of ours to save a national treasure, this amazing piece of living, breathing America that we are now at great risk of losing.

We need everyone to pick up the phone, write emails and letters and not stop. The horses, while some are still in pens, are still in the area. We want them to be put back, no ifs, ands or buts.

These talking points will help in a couple of ways:

1) they should help you stay on track when you make your calls.

Bold sentences are your main point. Supporting stuff is underneath each main point.

2) When you make calls, you will have limited time to make your case and this should help...even if you leave it on a voice mail at a tv station.

3) We will be a unified voice. It will be easier for us to be recognized in our message if we are saying the same things....over and over and over again.

And that's it. We may revise them a little as the world changes for the herd.

Please help us help Cloud and his herd. Over the past few days and talking to people all over America, I realize that Ginger Kathrens has really done something quite amazing: she has been able to take Cloud and his herd and incorporate his into the nomenclature of popular culture. When you say "Cloud" now, after years of seeing him grow up on PBS and National Geographic, people know who that is. He has fans from coast to coast in America and across the world. IF the BLM can get away with hurting Cloud and his world, then the situation is not good for any horse.

But you all know that I am sure. Please help us help them before these special horses come to great harm.

Talking points - Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range Gather, herd of PBS', Cloud, wild stallion of the Rockies

Release Cloud the stallion's herd back to their home all of them.

- We demand the release of the wild horses that have been illegally torn away from their home in the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range, designated as such in 1968 for the purpose of legally declaring this Federal land as wild horse range.

- Put the wild horses already gathered back where they belong. The BLM has removed them illegally. They have a home-the 38,000 acres of rangeland in the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range. The Cloud Foundation is working on a plan b, but the horses need to go back to their home.

- The Cloud Foundation is working on keeping the horses and the family bands intact.

These families are well-known to all and we do not want to see them torn apart.

- We will never give up on the wild horses, especially these.

- This herd is the last of a line that is the lineage of the horses of the Spanish Conquistadors. BLM is wiping away their genetic viability.

This herd is too special to lose. It is our heritage.

- BLM is operating as a rogue agency.

- Americans were promised "the rule of law and transparency" and this is not it.

- Bureau of Land Management is operating autonomously, against the will of Congress and Americans, ignoring massive public outcry and the law. They do not respond to FOIA requests, phone calls, letters and even a direct letter from the chairman of the Congressional subcommittee on public lands to suspend what they are doing and show their plans.

- Letter sent from Chairman, Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands completely ignored.

- Americans are being lied to by BLM; being duped into believing that this gather and others are "necessary," when there is plenty of open range. (BLM has in many cases fenced horses away from essential water and then used the word "necessary" when they died of thirst.)

- BLM has hired a Federally-convicted contractor who is now millions of dollars wealthier according the Federal Register.

- Cattoor is well-known for his cruelty.

- An audit is needed to reign in this rogue government agency.

- BLM waste is completely out-of-control. They have no accountability to anyone.

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Sweetie, Cloud has been gone for quite some time now. i would suspect the email you recieved is long since outdated.
The BLM has always been evil. I have a donkey from a roundup in death valley back in '84 where the BLM had ordered them all machine gunned down using helicopters. Luckily the fund for animals was given a small window of time to round up what they could for adoptions. Sadly the Fund for Animals was absorbed by the phychos known as HSUS after FFA's founder Cleveland Amory died.
Sometimes all you can do is shake your head at it.
Thanks for your reply, I will copy it across to the person on the AND forum and other forum's trying to raise support. I am in the UK and do read some of TheHorse.Com emails.
I suppose each of us can really only do our best for the individual animals in our care, and hope as collective animal lovers, that we raise the awareness of the plight of others.
Susie xx
Susie, I don't THINK this issue is over till these horses are dead. I think the item you were forwarding was demanding that the horses be PUT BACK! Seems unlikely BUT what a celebration of our rights and the horses rights that would be. This whole sickening mess is just so horribly disgusting. How this has continued to happen just blows my mind and makes me as angry as most anything can. The way this BLM group is being allowed to just ignore their JOB and actually be counter productive to this bureaus supposed causes must be illegal. Everyone of the people that are getting paid to protect this land should be prosecuted. Protecting this land does NOT include taking the horses off the range so they can lease to ranchers. The ranchers are not paying much to the governement to lease this land so it seems to me someone MUST be greedily pocketing some funds for personal gain rather then fulfillment of their job. I hope it is not too late for this herd but certainly it can't keep happening to other herds that are just as valuable even though less known. What is going to happen when the ROAM act is reinstated after it passes the HOUSE or SENATE? It has already passed one of these and should be up for vote soon in the other. There is millions of dollars up to regain the land for the return of wild horses to it as it should have always been. Some really dirty government games going on here. If this does pass all the money spent on these current round-ups is totally a waste of the peoples taxes. Why is the BLM unwilling to wait and see what is decided by those with power over it? Apparently they have something to gain to continue to push their own agenda. Those horses are in perfectly good health and that is shown from any of the pictures that are being proof of their condition. Of course they can't stay healthy for long if they are kept from water sources. I have seen pictures of dead horses on one side of a fence with healthy well watered cattle drinking on the other side of the fence where the horse can't get. Why should this FREE range be fenced off for cattle!!!!????? I'm not near as educated on this subject as I'd like to be as it is actually a fairly new issue to me personally so PLEASE if I'm wrong or if someone has more FACTS to support my understanding of the issues please post more information. If more people were informed of the true facts, I don't think this would be happening. I became aware of this when I took three trips out west in hopes of spotting some wild horses like we see deer here in my area. None were to be seen or any evidence of them. So maybe I was in the wrong place, even though I'm searching in the areas that are designated as herd areas by maps provided by the BLM available on their web-site. So, I started asking local people where we needed to go to spot some wild horses and I was told "OH, we don't see them any more!!!!" I heard this repeatedly. Don't see them ANYMORE! So when I got home I started looking on the internet for some answers and what I found was the information about the mismanagement by the BLM. Some areas are still seeing wild horses. BUT, the question is for how long will they be available in the wild if this mismanagement continues and if the BLM is allowed to continue as is. We have got to let our government know that this is just NOT acceptable and we do want it stopped and reversed to the extent possible. Somethng has GOT to be done soon. The BLM seems to be in a big hurry to do as much destruction of the herds as they possibly can while they can still get away with it. I sooo hope it is stopped soon and hope some of these people are held criminally responsible for doing work contrary to their job description. Please please please...don't just shake your head! Pass on the information, make people aware, Call & write EVERYONE that MIGHT be able to help. Hopefully enough voices or the right voice will be heard that can help. Maybe Robert Redford or someone like that can help??? Please pass this information on to anyone you know. It must reach the right people that can do somthing. It must be stopped!!
He is off his land but is he dead? Can he be put back on his land with is herd? I thought the way this item read that they were demanding that they be PUT BACK!
I called them.... because of an email I got.... the phone number was listed for the BLM. The lady I contacted was so rude... and so smug that the roundup had started and the horses had lost basically is how she put it.... I put on my facebook account, a photo of my mustang, asking people to urgently help and speak out against the roundup. I got zero responses...

I care so much..... and I am so aghast that this is happening....

I believe there is enough room for the mustangs and that the blm is lying... I said that in my post under Plight of the Wild horses.. now what??? what should we do??????

I am so scared for the horses....
I originally posted this thread on the artofnaturaldresage forum. Cloud and his herd are alive and well I received an email from a lady who knows the herd, see below.

I'm confused, someone thinks Cloud is gone? Are they talking about the same Cloud in the Pryor Mountains that Ginger films? First of all, in June I stood less than 5 feet from him. I can assure you, he is alive. A little footsore right now, along with many of them.

Go go the blog, there is some amazing photos and video. Word is now getting around that the WORLD is upset about this, not just Americans. YAY!! website blog

Thank you!!!!! Anything I can do to help, please let me know. I can get word to Ginger also, and I will let her know this is going to the UK!!

Around fifty horses and three foals are still being held, one a nineteen year old band stallion and a twenty one year old mare these horses should be allowed to live out their lives in freedom, it is unlikely they will be adopted and may well go for slaughter. People are emailing and phoning the Whitehouse there is also a petition to sign.

If you can please help save these horses, horses have served humans for centuries and we owe them a debt of gratitude.

I received pictures that were suppose to be of Clouds herd being gathered.
I'm wondering if people are getting the many wild horse issues confused with each other.
There have been a few different petitions having to do with the wild horses but I believe the one to stop the gathering of Clouds herd has met it's deadline. New one attempting to get them released may have been started.
We all need to get it together and do what we can currently do about this herd and all others that are less known but just as valuable.
You are right Shirley all the herds and horses are valuable, Cloud seems to have become a figure head for the fight. The petition has been closed but you can still email or phone the Whitehouse. They are still working to get the four band leaders released and the older horses, the younger ones are up for adoption.
Aren't some of the mares suppose to be returned after given birth control? Or is that a different group?
I just hope that if Clouds Herd is not able to be returned to their home that people will continue to be outspoken for the REST of the wild horses that we still might be able to save and the 30 sum thousand that are being held in pens under horrible conditions. by the BLM. There is so much more to this issue then I origianally had any idea/. People need to be informed and activated.
Eileen, thanks for the updates, and thanks to everyone who replied to the topic. Please just sign the petition, phone, pass on to friends and animal lovers, any way however small, and send lots of positive vibes for the right outcome. Susie xx
Petition site says sorry petition has been moved, can you post the up to date link please. xx
Shirley, will you put that other stuff that you put over on Jackie's thread here too????? Jen


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