A lot of people think animal communication is sort of "out-there woo-woo stuff". And a lot of people are open advocates of the results they've received and seen for themselves from embracing the spiritual connection between humans and horses.

Then there is another population who are curious and likely open to know more if they weren't embarrassed that someone might judge them to be "out-there woo-woo". 

Being with and working with horses IS communicating with them. To deny that is insanity. As people have the willingness and courage to be clear about their own communication, the horses will show up to meet us and often give us more than we thought we were asking for. 

The greatest training aid in any discipline is the ability to be very clear about what you are asking of your horse and very clear about what you are asking of yourself. This kind of clarity reaches far into the consciousness of horses. It also sets the stage for people to live in health and wellness in every aspect of their lives, in every relationship with every species. Communication on any level is only woo-woo if you are willing to judge it so. The horses are never judging. The horses are always communicating at whatever level you are open to listen. 

Confidence, safety, fun and success by one's own definition is natural when people are honest with themselves and willing to receive assistance and clarity. Horses will always give in an environment where they are heard and their requirements are honored. 

in 2013 I wrote a book called Listen Like A Horse. It's a narrative story about Cooper, who I was hired to gentle, to change his "bad behavior." You can find it on Amazon. It's a very pragmatic application of all of the woo-woo stuff that gives people a way to see horses as simultaneously equal and different from us. it's an opportunity to know how that can feel. 

There is another resource online - a youtube video called How To Help Your Horse Feel Safe With You. Please search it and let yourself feel what's there as well as understand it logically. I am here to assist people and animals to function in harmony, right where they are. There is no need to change your discipline in order to have better connection, greater health in every respect and communication on whatever level of consciousness you'd like.

What could be more foundationally pragmatic than clear communication and the courage to be honest with yourself? Horses will continue to show up for us simply because they are horses. The only limitation is your willingness to expand your awareness and knowledge.

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I do a bit of animal communication myself, with horses and other animals so obviously I am a believer in this. In the beginning I was curious about it but after getting lots of accurate information back I realised it did actually work. And yes it can be a great aid to training a horse too.

It's actually easier than most people think - simply quieten your mind and become one with the horse. This opens up a shared connection that can benefit the rider and horse.

I will look that book up you mention, it sounds just the kind of thing for my bookshelf!

Hi Jason! 

Thanks for your reply! Yes, sensory communication is innate to all of us. I love that so many are awakening to the innate abilities that are natural to us as well as the animals! I hope you enjoy the book, too! My work now is about assisting people to be aware of their innate sensory realms and integrate their higher levels of consciousness. There is a total simplicity to it. And it's all about kindness. The horses provide endless opportunities to function this way. 

Thanks for all that you do, my friend! 


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