HelloOOooo Everyone!!
…*waving* …

Recently, I came across this filly, and …well….
Knowing the caliber of Horse People here in Barnmice, and how much I Sincerely Esteem All Of You ….
I wondered if I could prevail on EVERYONE to take a look at this (not yet weaned) filly I’m interested in buying and Critique her for me.

I’m going to post several pictures of her at various stages … please take a look .. I’d LOVE to Know what You think!!
I wish I had “Better” pics of her, but … these are the best of the 130 or so that the owners have sent …lol

I’m just looking for your “Honest” Opinions, Over all Impressions, or maybe just some “Intuitive” Best Guess Thoughts??

She was born March 23rd of this year .. And currently stands 13.3
She’s buckskin, but when her owners shaved her, as you can see she’s now
a dark gurulla(?) colour
Also regarding her shaving, the owners admitted doing a really bad job around her pasterns and fetlocks.
So I don’t think they’re thick or as odd, as they appear … I think it’s hair …lol

Her sire is a 15.2 cremello AQHA, her dam is a 16.3 Shire

Soooooo …. What do You All Think of This Filly??

And Thanks in advance for Any and All comments you care to make.
~ Barby

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She looks very nice! What type of work would she be doing?
Ohhh Thanks for saying that Barbara!!
...hmmmmm.... well I'm hoping that waaaaaay down the road maybe my future Dressage Prospect?
At least a good Hunter ... lol ... dreams are always good, Right?? .. if I buy her, she might end up being my all important ... "relax and ride all around the mountans here" Horese!!
But I do like dreaming about bringing her along ... seeing how far we can go "together" :-)
~ Barby
she looks very nice!
Its hard to know what she will be like when she is older but i think she will be a great all rounder type horse.
Thanks Sissi, for commenting .... *frustrated sighs* .... why o why don't foals come with some sort of device that allows us to take a peek 4 or so years into their future??? ...lol
~ Barby
Hi Barbara,

For a filly of her age, she looks very good! Nice and strong, and adorable too!!
She has a very good profile allready, nice in proportion, and I am almost certain she will be a very nice little horse for you!
She just looks a bit croup high at the moment, which is to be expected with a young horse, growing.
But yeah, I can see why you fell in love with her :)
...*laughing* ...
Thanks for taking time to reply Anneke, and you hit the nail Bang On when you said "I can see why you fell in love with her :)"
Of course ....colour me guilty ... if it's a baby (anything) ..I'm in love with it!! (sad, I know)
But it's the 4 legged babies, in particular the Equine variety that ...well.. my "reality" just goes out the window!!
Which is The BIGGEST Reason I'm asking for this critique ..lol .. I Need "Everyone's" comments to "help me" make the best decision that I can.
Thanks Again Anneke!!
~ Barby
Shes very pretty, looks like super movement..dressage prospect perhaps..
Her face ( i know shes young ) does not look to be the best..very parrot mouthed ( not a problem just not the best confo ) again though shes still young!!!
other than that confo looks good Looks like she got the neck and body from mum.. Im surprised her legs/hoofs dont look so big and solid..
My guesstimate she'll finish off 15.3-16.1hh.
Did her hocks and legs got cut up in the first few pics?!

Barbara you told me to give it to you straight and I did = p
I give you my blessing and hope she is "the one."
Yup Emily ...*winks* ... I asked for "Honesty" and I genuinely Appreciate your straightforward opinion!!
...hmmmmm... I'm not sure about her hocks, but looking at all the pictures I have of her ... it looks to me like she might have gotten herself back against some poor fencing.
Not sure about that one.
.....Parrot Mouthed .... *sighs* ... the very first picture of her made me wonder about that, but if you're looking at the 2nd from the bottom picture .. I suspect the picture has caught her bellowing for her mum.
Thanks for the "Blessing" Emily, I'll be certain to keep you up on the final decision!!
~ Barby
Hi Barbara, Hold on to your hat , here it comes!! I like the look , the overall impression of this filly, she has good bone , nice back end. BUT , if you want a dressage horse , look elsewhere!! QH 's wont score very well as no matter how much you get them coming from behind, they will always give the impression of being on the forehand. She appears to be a little short coupled, which is another limiting factor for a dressage horse. HOWEVER, if she has a good temperament that can make up for some of these short falls What are the SIRE and DAM like to handle, their temperament ? Can you post some pics of them? That will help to give a impression of what the filly may grow into. What about some video of her? It's hard to get an idea as the pics are a bit varied, I.E. the 6th pic up from the bottom is a top looking filly , she doesn't look short coupled in that photo at all. By that pic I'd say she might make a nice jumping mare!! She might be a jumping machine!!!?? The other thing is ,as a dressage horse , the money you would have to spend breaking and training before you even get to a comp, I think would be better spent buying an older horse that has the possibility of pleasing the judges with it's shape, where this one might be found lacking. It really depends on what you really want to do with this filly and I think you need to have a clear idea of what that is when you are buying babies. Of course there are no guarantees with youngsters as to what they will be like as they get older, where as if you want to do dressage , and you buy a already going horse , you can get out and start strait away almost. With having to go through the expense and time and possible heartache that can come with baby's. Having said that , there are some BIG plus's from starting with a blank canvas like this one , the bond can be the most wonderful thing, akin to the bond you have with your own kids!! I can't tell you that you should or shouldn't buy this filly. All I can say is that in some pics she looks an absolute cracker( that's a good thing in Aussie slang) and in some she is below par. The thing for me would be the temperament, if that's great , then you can look past a few of these things . Hope I've given you something to think about that will help in some small way, Cheers Geoffrey
....*laughing* .....
That Was An AWESOME Critique and EXACTLY What I was Hoping For From You!!!
...and You certainly Didn't Disappoint .... Ouch!!! ..*winks* ... Geoffrey, You're The Best!!!

Ok ... as I understand it, her AQHA sire, was never campaigned, and apperently died last year.
I have only 2 horrible pics of him but here they are.

The Shire dam, (also just as I understand it) ... has never been anything more then a broodmare but I'm told she has a sweet disposition, though not an "In Your Lap" kind of horse.
I don't have have good pictures of her either ... but here are a couple.

Terrible pictures .. I know ....sorry
This filly's temprement is Excellent (from what I'm told) ... she's extremely friendly, excepting, and curious. (again, just what I'm told) she prefers human company to horse, and is a nusiance for wanting to help you do Everything!!

I Only WISH I could get vid clips of her moving!!!
I've requested them I don't know HOW many times ... *frustrated sighs* ... but no joy there.
And I really don't think the owners are trying to hide anything, I think it's more of a case of "lack of interest or know-how?? in that direction.
They've always complied when I've requested pictures .. but ... the quality / angles of the shots have never been all that great ...*cringing* ...
Geoffrey ... does she look parrot mouthed to You???
One of the reasons I had been specifically interested in Goofy, was because of this filly.
I wondered (if she does have a parrot mouth) how that would effect her life / training / riding, etc

..this from you made me laugh out loud,
>>>> .. All I can say is that in some pics she looks an absolute cracker( that's a good thing in Aussie slang) ... LOUDLY Enough that a business associate came in to see what I was up to!!! ... then imagine if you will, Me.. trying to explain "that" Aussie comment, and to what context it was made ...to a non horsey ...non traveling (no appreciation for accents and other part of the world humour ) ... talk about dead pan / lead balloon!!
... no matter, I just have to remind myself to laugh or giggle more quietly (like THAT'S Ever gonna happen!!)
I also really appreciated you saying this ...>>>> It's hard to get an idea as the pics are a bit varied, I.E. the 6th pic up from the bottom is a top looking filly , she doesn't look short coupled in that photo at all. By that pic I'd say she might make a nice jumping mare!! She might be a jumping machine!!!?? ...*big smiles from me*

Thanks again Geoffrey!! .. It was a GREAT Critique!!!
.... and it's given me some Good "chewable" food for thought. ... More Please!!! ...lol
~ Barby
Hi Barbara...only just seen pics of sire and dam...looks like their baby will do more than them...I geniunely like the foal from your pics but you must get an experienced professional who knows you or can assess your needs to look at the filly on the ground and advise. It will be money well spent. So humour me and do this! William
....I know ... I know ..... the pictures of the Sire and Dam are just Awful!!!
Thanks, Very Much for taking the time to look.

....*laughing* .......
And when "The Man" says "So humour me and do this!"
..... what am I going to do??????

Yes Sir, I WILL do my best to find a "Professional" near to where the filly is, to come take a look at her.

....*thinking* ....
geeeeeeeeze ...I hope I can find a "Professional" who likes the filly as much as I do!!
....*worries* ...
~ Barby


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