HelloOOooo Everyone!!
…*waving* …

Recently, I came across this filly, and …well….
Knowing the caliber of Horse People here in Barnmice, and how much I Sincerely Esteem All Of You ….
I wondered if I could prevail on EVERYONE to take a look at this (not yet weaned) filly I’m interested in buying and Critique her for me.

I’m going to post several pictures of her at various stages … please take a look .. I’d LOVE to Know what You think!!
I wish I had “Better” pics of her, but … these are the best of the 130 or so that the owners have sent …lol

I’m just looking for your “Honest” Opinions, Over all Impressions, or maybe just some “Intuitive” Best Guess Thoughts??

She was born March 23rd of this year .. And currently stands 13.3
She’s buckskin, but when her owners shaved her, as you can see she’s now
a dark gurulla(?) colour
Also regarding her shaving, the owners admitted doing a really bad job around her pasterns and fetlocks.
So I don’t think they’re thick or as odd, as they appear … I think it’s hair …lol

Her sire is a 15.2 cremello AQHA, her dam is a 16.3 Shire

Soooooo …. What do You All Think of This Filly??

And Thanks in advance for Any and All comments you care to make.
~ Barby

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Well hey, she's precious.... if she can't do dressage, let her be a reiner. :) I am no horse critic. To me they are all beautiful...
.Hey Jennifer!!
Thanks for taking a minute to share!!!
..*laughing* ....
You know what catagory Geoffrey's gonna put you in then ..right???
...welcome to the "chicks" and the "cute factor" group!! ;)
~ Barby
Have to dissagree with the dressage part.
Any horse with the right balance/hind movement/porportions/movement can be a dressage mount. We arent talking FEI here we are talking 1st-2nd level. Shes not gray or anything so her colour isnt an issue.
Just thought Id say my thing- not meant to be rude I just dissagree.
Barbara, The Filly looks nice but its so hard to tell at this age how she will look and the type of work/training she will enjoy. I Love her color but no sure about her head! However, that may change with age as well as her overall look! I like her but go with your Gut Feelings! She caught your eye so that is a plus/positive. Good Luck and Please let me know how it goes! Thanks! Really like the look in her eyes!
Awwwwwww THANKS Deborah!!!
....seeeeeeeee?? ... You're a "listen to your intuitions" kinda person too!!
Yes, there's just "something" about this filly that caught my heart.
It Certainly ISN'T her "blood lines" .. *laughing* ...poor dear hardly has any at all!!
And it certainly isn't her "Perfect Confirmation" because ... she Definitely ISN'T perfect!!
Yup .... I REALLY Like her colour ..... hmmmmm.... her head .... What about her head is it that You don't care for??? ... Emily made a similar comment and I'm wondering if I'm missing something or if it's just a "personal" like/dislike
Sincere "Thanks" Deborah ...for taking time to share your "impressions"
~ Barby
I know nothing about foals or how they should look at different stages but you will have a long wait to find out how she does turn out. I would vote for an older horse you can actually see how it turned out. Gail
.......*nodding* ......
True that Gail ...it will be a long wait ... *sighs* ...
Actually, Cindy Jeffery gave me a Wonderful ... VERY straightforward ... "reality check" comment over on my "My Page"
I think she put it there, rather then here ... being the "sensitive" sweetie that she is.
With regards to being "Realistic" with regards to "our" age.

There's a LOT to be said for going with an Older Horse who's Already "there"
.... more food for thought ....

Thanks very much Gail, for taking time to comment!!
~ Barby
Hi Again Barby, I can't see from the pics if she is over shot in the mouth. best to have a look in her mouth yourself and see if the top and bottom teeth mesh together, if the top teeth are out in front of the bottom then she is parrot mouthed. Look ,the only big deal with that is in a dressage comp you must have a bit , and she might not go that well with a bit !! The only other thing I can say ,is don't get hung up on the cute factor, they are all cute at this age !! I know what you chicks are like!!!!!
He he he! I think i just conformed horribly to the 'chick' stereotype!
this from Geoffrey had me laughing my backside off!!!
..."The only other thing I can say ,is don't get hung up on the cute factor, they are all cute at this age !! I know what you chicks are like!!!!!"

uhhhh huh Fiona ... Meeeeeee Toooooo
...*whispers* ...
do you think he sounds as if he might have a bit of experience at dealing with "that aspect" ???
~ Barby
....*batting eyelashes oh so innocently and chickishly* ....
I'm NOT getting hung up, or sucked in by the "cute factor"
.... but ... you have to admit ... look at that sweet little face!!
She is REALLY Cuuuuute ...isn't she??? :-)
*laughing* ... ~ Barby
Barby--two main worries--
First--her pasterns look a bit long and upright. Now this is better than short and upright or long and real sloping, but it would be a concern to me if I was buying her since she probably will be big.
The other concern, have you ever handled a foal? They are very different to handle than a trained, more mature horse. Not necessarily a bad thing, but you may find yourself having to learn and figure things out VERY quickly. Foals can make fools of us. I bought foals since that was the only way I could afford a good horse, and was badly outfaced by my first one. I learned from him, oh boy did I learn from him.
Oh another thing. Her throatlatch looks a little thick already. I think that this comes from her dam. I do not know if this filly would make a satisfactory dressage horse for this reason. Judges seem to want vertical faces, and this is impossible for a horse with a thick throatlatch.
On the other hand she looks like a super horse for pleasure riding and/or hunting.
Very good for you not hopelessly falling in love with this cutie, and for listening to others.


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