HelloOOooo Everyone!!
…*waving* …

Recently, I came across this filly, and …well….
Knowing the caliber of Horse People here in Barnmice, and how much I Sincerely Esteem All Of You ….
I wondered if I could prevail on EVERYONE to take a look at this (not yet weaned) filly I’m interested in buying and Critique her for me.

I’m going to post several pictures of her at various stages … please take a look .. I’d LOVE to Know what You think!!
I wish I had “Better” pics of her, but … these are the best of the 130 or so that the owners have sent …lol

I’m just looking for your “Honest” Opinions, Over all Impressions, or maybe just some “Intuitive” Best Guess Thoughts??

She was born March 23rd of this year .. And currently stands 13.3
She’s buckskin, but when her owners shaved her, as you can see she’s now
a dark gurulla(?) colour
Also regarding her shaving, the owners admitted doing a really bad job around her pasterns and fetlocks.
So I don’t think they’re thick or as odd, as they appear … I think it’s hair …lol

Her sire is a 15.2 cremello AQHA, her dam is a 16.3 Shire

Soooooo …. What do You All Think of This Filly??

And Thanks in advance for Any and All comments you care to make.
~ Barby

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Ohhhh Hey Mary-Joe!!!
How was Europe??
Did you bring me any Souvenirs??? .. LOL

Thanks for taking a minute to comment on the filly!!!
Yup, I look at this filly and can see All Kinds of Things I REALLY Like ... but ...
There are also a few things I don't.
Everyone's been WONDERFUL about sharing their thoughts about her and it's Been GREAT for keeping me on a "Reality Based" track .... as opposed to the "Ohhhhhhh she's SO Cute" - Baby - trap that often sucks me right in!!

I do worry that her whithers are too low and flat .. that her butt's too high ... her back's too short .. that her throatlatch is too thick.
But I'm also trying to keep in mind that She has Loads of time to Stretch out and up .. And maybe develop a better balance over all, then the pictures present now.
And again, I’m not looking at her with “Grand Prix” stars dancing in my eyes ..
But more as an Over All sort of horse.

She still has to pass the Vetting … and I promised Mr. Micklem I would find a “qualified professional” to also take a look at her, before I actually DO, or Do Not bring her home.

Thanks again for looking and taking time to comment!!
~ Barby
She looks like her confirmation is quite good at this stage very straight clean legs as far as i can tell. Are you able to go up and see her ? then u could video and takes shots of her yourself so you could ensure the footage is not enhancing or undermining her actual state.Hope all goes Well!
She is darling. Buckskin is my favorite equine color 2nd only to grulla and I personally prefer larger types. (for crosscountry,jumping etc.) What you have is a buckskin. since the stud is a Cremello (the double dilute form of palomino) Your filly appears to be a single dose of Creme Dilution on a bay base, a Buckskin.
A grulla would be if you bred your black shire mare to a dun or grullo AQHA. I know sometimes you hear different definitions for the color grullo. And there are many shades and variations. The least of which is required is dun factor on a black base coat. Since your breeding stock is Black + double Creme, It can only result in smoky black, or buckskin, or palomino. I think it's pretty safe to say buckskin.

P.S. Her conformation is very refined for a 50 50 cross. I have weanling Dun filly who is 37.5% Perch 37.5% TB and 25% QH and not as refined.
Yuh! Buckskin didn't cross my mind but I do believe you are right! I did help train an ASB Show Horse mare that was a buckskin and her Sire produce another buckskin. Their Sire was a bay color however I don't know/remember the Dam's color or if they were from the same mare. I firist thought palomino however buckskin seems more likely. Thanks for your education on color!
Hey, what happened? Did you meet her? Anything happening? PLEASE TELL ALL!!!


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