HelloOOooo Everyone!!
…*waving* …

Recently, I came across this filly, and …well….
Knowing the caliber of Horse People here in Barnmice, and how much I Sincerely Esteem All Of You ….
I wondered if I could prevail on EVERYONE to take a look at this (not yet weaned) filly I’m interested in buying and Critique her for me.

I’m going to post several pictures of her at various stages … please take a look .. I’d LOVE to Know what You think!!
I wish I had “Better” pics of her, but … these are the best of the 130 or so that the owners have sent …lol

I’m just looking for your “Honest” Opinions, Over all Impressions, or maybe just some “Intuitive” Best Guess Thoughts??

She was born March 23rd of this year .. And currently stands 13.3
She’s buckskin, but when her owners shaved her, as you can see she’s now
a dark gurulla(?) colour
Also regarding her shaving, the owners admitted doing a really bad job around her pasterns and fetlocks.
So I don’t think they’re thick or as odd, as they appear … I think it’s hair …lol

Her sire is a 15.2 cremello AQHA, her dam is a 16.3 Shire

Soooooo …. What do You All Think of This Filly??

And Thanks in advance for Any and All comments you care to make.
~ Barby

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....in truth ... when I first looked at this filly's pictures, her "Throatlatch" was the first thing that I saw and was concerned with as well.
I admit I'm guilty of being lured in by the whole "Cute Baby" factor, which a BIG reason for asking all of you for your opinions and critiques ... hoping that if I'm Waaaaay off here ... All of YOUR "Voices of Reason" will Prevail!
~ Barby
Hi Barbara,
First thing I would say is go meet her, if at all possible. You will have a MUCH better sense of her temperament and your fit. She looks like a very nice all around horse. I also don't know what people are saying about her face, I find it quite lovely. If you look at the third picture, she doesn't look at all parrot mouthed (the first a little more questionable). I think the other pictures give that impression because of whinnying. Having said all that, my main critique would be her thick throat latch, and yes you see that on her mom too. That will take away from a pretty show look but is not a functional problem. If all you want to do is have fun at local shows than it won't be a problem, although dressage may be a challenge. Does she have any siblings you can see?
Good luck! And great idea to ask for feedback!
Hi Jen!!
Thanks for taking time to comment.
I'd LOVE to go meet this filly Before I make my "Buy" decision, but she's quite a ways away from me.
Getting ANY real "useful" info. on her AQHA Sire, or her Shire Dam has been like pulling hens teeth!
I have some really poor photos of them, but that's it.

And honestly .... if this filly had a BIG price tag attached .. I Wouldn't Be Considering her At ALL, with out Insisting On Waaaaay MORE background information, and vid clips of her moving, etc etc etc.
As is ... she'll barely be costing anything past making the trip out to go collect her.

But still .... if the general consensus here in the forum was "Don't Waste Your Time Or Effort" on this filly ... I would Listen!!!
Because a "poor" bargain horse, costs exactly the same to keep as a Really Good Horse.
~ Barby
Now she is very cute! What a lovely colour - I think we might call it 'dun' over here, but it's certainly unusual. I love the blaze and the white legs! And what is wrong with her head?? I think she is gorgeous and you should buy her immediately! I think maybe the parrot mouthed comment relates to the very first photo, but she doesn't look parrot mouthed in any of the others to me.

Having said all of this, I am not the best person to advise on buying horses using your head- I have a horse with massive issues and back problems that failed the vetting, but I was sooo in love with him, I bought him anyway! He he! - Bad plan... but I still love him!

By the way, if you are into something a bit 'way out and weird' you might like to find out about 'reading whorls'. I think it was ?Linda Tellington-Jones who has done some work into looking at this. Sounds a bit mad, but basically the position of the whorls of hair on the forehead will tell you the type of temperament and intelligence, how easy the horse might be to train, etc. As I understand it, the higher the whorl, the higher the intellect, but it also depends on how 'scattered' or 'focussed' the whorl is as to how scattered or focused the horse will be in its work. So... if you want an equine brain surgeon, who will be ten steps ahead of you all the time, go for a high whorl which is tight and focused! It's even possible to have 'split personalities' with two or more whorls!

So Barby ... this could be your 'device' or 'crystal ball' that allows you to look into the future! ;-)

Ultimately, the decision is yours, but I applaud your logical approach to getting feedback from those who are not emotionally involved! (Go on ... she's goooooorgeous! Just look at her! ;-D)
I just read an article about whorls and "handedness" - interesting. My horse must be a complicated genius as he has a mad cluster of whorls right up under his forelock ;-)
Ohhhh Ohhhhhhhhhh Wouldn't THAT make an Excellent "Class" in here???
.. where was that article Ottilie?? ... I'd LOVE to read it!!!
...*whispers* ... please don't tell me it was in Dressage today.
I always think I read "that" magazine cover to cover and ingest Every Word!!

I want to see a picture of your guys "whorls"
Will you post one please????
....lol ... I can see me from this day forward ..lifting ALL forelocks to investigate the "whorles!!"
Hi Barby & Fiona,
I remember the day I first read Linda Tellington-Jones "Getting in Ttouch". I had four horses at that time, and I took the book down and LOOKED at my horses. She called each one accurately. My first horse, Hat Tricks, my angel from heaven who also had a sort of crude sense of humor (think little boy) and OCCASIONALLY tested me--yep, intelligence and all. My feisty Paso Fino mare, challenging, fiery, and liking people, yep, all in there. My Arab stallion, he had EVERY sign of a wonderfully dispositioned horse, except for his Wheat-sheaf whorl on his chest, and boy, he could explode without warning. My Arab mare, not as smart and somewhat tending to react stupidly, you got it, this book described it. She called each and everyone accurately.
This book also has an EXCELLENT discussion of equine conformation, with plenty of drawings and photographs, with full discussions as WHY a horse is unsuitable, say for dressage.
I consider Linda Tellington-Jones as one of the most knowledgeable horsemen or horsewomen around. When I was a freshman in high school, I bought Xenephon's horsemanship book from her school, where she was already doing research in 1964!
Get this book. You won't regret it.
...lol ... Just Put It On My List Jackie!!!
As soon as I finish up here ... I'm away to Amazon to get it ordered!!
It Honestly sounds Wonderful!!!
~ Barby
OMG!!! ... LmaoOOOOoooooo ... Ohhhhhhhhh Fiona ....
Remind me to NEVER EVER Take YOU to a Horse Sale with me!!
I can just Hear You Oh So Clearly!!! i>b>..."Go on ... she's goooooorgeous! Just look at her! ;-D
She really is a pretty colour though ...isn't she ..lol
( I'm Sooooo trying hard not to revert to the "Chick / Cuteness" factor here ..lol )

There is just "something" about her that I really like.
I said it somewhere else in this thread ... but I'll say it again ...
The BIGGEST reason I'm looking for a critique from Everyone here is that:
# 1 - Where am I going to be able to go, and recieve a More Knowledgeable or Experienced critique of a horse, then here!!!
I’m serious when I say I feel like I ought to be running all around the forum with an Autograph book!!!
And Because of The Caliber of Horse folk here …

# 2 - Though I know the ultimate decision to "buy" or "don't buy" is mine ... and I'm not afraid to make that decision .... still .... I'm depending on You lot .. My Barnmice Associates and Friends ... to Help Be The Voice of Reason and Sanity here!!! ( ...erm ... if that's possible ..lol )

And Yup, I Really Love that whole "whorls" concept ... it seems very ..erm .. RIGHT to me!!! ;-)

Thanks Fiona .. and what I said about the Horse sale .. you know I was kidding,
I'm thinking we'd Have SUCH A Good Time!! (would just need a Really Big Trailer, and directions to the nearest "other" Barnmice member!!!
~ Barby
No your instinct was right - I am the original 'rescuer' and I would want to take them all home and look after them! Right now the only thing that stops me is finance but God help us if I ever get a place with land of my own!

Yea the whorl thing is great! I first heard of it via Chris Irwin... I must get the book Jackie recommends. Apparently it is based in scientific fact, not just 'woo-woo' stuff. I believe it relates to how the foetus of the foal develops and 'uncurls' from the centre of the forehead...
he looks gorguse(sp)hope his good.. beautiful colour and looks like a good nature
Thanks Lissa!!
Yup, it was the filly's colour that FIRST caught my eye.
And in all the photos I've seen of her ... there is something that just says "sweet disposition"

Of course...*laughing* ... I could just be falling into that whole "Chick / Cute" factor thing Geoffrey Pannell was mentioning ...nahhhhhhhh ... Surely NOT!!!
~ barby


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