HelloOOooo Everyone!!
…*waving* …

Recently, I came across this filly, and …well….
Knowing the caliber of Horse People here in Barnmice, and how much I Sincerely Esteem All Of You ….
I wondered if I could prevail on EVERYONE to take a look at this (not yet weaned) filly I’m interested in buying and Critique her for me.

I’m going to post several pictures of her at various stages … please take a look .. I’d LOVE to Know what You think!!
I wish I had “Better” pics of her, but … these are the best of the 130 or so that the owners have sent …lol

I’m just looking for your “Honest” Opinions, Over all Impressions, or maybe just some “Intuitive” Best Guess Thoughts??

She was born March 23rd of this year .. And currently stands 13.3
She’s buckskin, but when her owners shaved her, as you can see she’s now
a dark gurulla(?) colour
Also regarding her shaving, the owners admitted doing a really bad job around her pasterns and fetlocks.
So I don’t think they’re thick or as odd, as they appear … I think it’s hair …lol

Her sire is a 15.2 cremello AQHA, her dam is a 16.3 Shire

Soooooo …. What do You All Think of This Filly??

And Thanks in advance for Any and All comments you care to make.
~ Barby

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Hi Barb,
From looking at the most current pics, she is gonna be a chunk! Her haunches are massive so I would rule out dressage. Looking at her moms pics , I was pleasantly surprised to see that she is a lighter bone than I had expected. That said, it is so dificult to assume how heavy she may become. I hate to say it, but its pretty much a "crapshoot" trying to predict how she will finish! Her confirmation is good, and if she has a great temperment and you are flexible in which discipline you want to pursue with her, then I guess the sky's the limit!
....*sighs* .....
Yup PJ ... you're right about her "massive" bits.
And her throatlatch is thick as well ... that's a worry too :-(

But I'm not looking for a World Beater ... if she were, she'd be Waaaaaay beyond my means!!
I would love the experience of starting her on a Dressage path though ... while keeping in mind "Dressage" might not be the area where this little Star will shine brightest.

Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts PJ, it's Sincerely Appreciated!!
~ Barby
She looks a very well made filly Barbara...send pic of her sire and dam and I will say more..young horses can be extremely rewarding but if this would be your first young horse, or one of the first, you will need a partner in training who is experienced with young horses and a good rider...do not go on a wing and a prayar...do not take risks with your safety...tell me more..William
....lol@ Wing and a Prayer ....
THAT Sir, is the Story Of My Entire Life!!!
It's the ONLY Way I Know to Go ;-)
... but I know what you meant with regards to "safety" and Thank You for the word of "concern"

You said … “Tell me more” …
…erm …I’m not sure what to say.

I came across this filly while shopping for an All Together Different horse!!!
Something about her just caught me!!
Not just her colour … not the baby-cuteness factor …but something else …
something I can’t put my finger on.

She barely has a price tag at all, mostly just the expense of going to collect her.
So I’m not looking at this little girl as the beginning and end of ALL.
But more as a fun .. “what can “We do together” project.

I do have lots of “past” experience handling foals, weanlings, and putting a good solid “ground work” foundation on young horses.
So I know “what” to do with her, and I’m in no way deceiving myself where “time” is concerned.
I know it’s going to be a good 4 or more years before I can really start riding her.
But as she grows up, I have 120 acres of good fenced pasture for her to run, play, and “be a horse” on.

Looking at this filly, I’m in hopes that in 4 years, I can learn enough so as to be able to “start” her on a competitive “Dressage” path … but ….
I’m fully aware that just because I WANT her to be a dressage horse … does not necessarily mean She WILL Be!!
And I’m Ok with that!!
If she comes home to me … I will look at her as a completely unique individual … and as she grows and matures physically and mentally …. wait for “Her” to show me what arena she wants to compete in.

Her Sire is a 15.2 cremello AQHA stud who I’m told died after a bad bout with colic last year.
I’ve never seen anything he produced, not even sure if he has, past this buckskin filly.
Supposedly his registered name is Premium Skippa Lad (by Premium Skip)
I only have these 2 very poor pictures of him, and I apologize for them, but they’re all that I have

This filly’s Dam is a 17. hh unregistered Shire mare, a rescue of some sort.
So I have no lineage of her either, and only just a few photos … none of which are anything to brag on.

The filly herself was born in March of this year, so she’s 4 months old, and currently measures 13.hh
Her owners have described her as Very Friendly and Curious about Everything!!
But not a “nock you down” or back you into a fence “play with me” sort.

I guess Mr. Micklem, I’m hoping that you’ll maybe see something in the pictures of this filly that will give you enough of a view to say … Yup, she looks good, give her a try!! ….or maybe just the opposite ..“Not worth the time investment”
secretly ... I’m hoping that you might see something in this filly that whispers to your “intuitions”

But What Ever you have to say regarding her …
Sincere “Thanks” for taking time to look.
And if you have a spacific question regarding her, please please please Ask!! ;-)
( I genuinely want to know what you think )
~ Barby
....erm ... I left a "3" off that measurement ... at 4 months ... the filly is 13.3 hh
Hi Barby,

There's a saying "face like a duchess, ass like a cook" (both traits to look for in a horse) and she has both of those! ;-)

I think she has a nice head, and looks strongly built. I like her neck also, it has a good top line. But with her breeding, she will be chunky, and I don't think she is likely to turn out 'uphill' built enough for dressage - it will be difficult to get her hind end engaged. QH's and shires are both designed for specific purposes and they tend to have short forelegs (good stability and traction control) which limits their ability to move with cadence and expression.

If dressage horses are like gymnasts, I think of shires as weightlifters and QH's as rugby players - it's not to say they can't do other disciplines, but their gifts are in those areas! Does that make sense?

I get the impression, however, that you are entering into this with a view to having some fun with your horse, not necessarily to be uber competitive, or to specialise in only one thing, so if you want an all round useful type of horse, you are on the right track.

Like Geoffrey and William have mentioned, I too would recommend caution getting a foal unless you are very confident and have good experienced help available should any problems arise.

Good luck, keep us posted
…."face like a duchess, ass like a cook"….

Ohhhh MY Gawwwwwd Ottilie!!!!
THAT was absolutely Priceless!!!! .. I LOVE IT!!!
( I’m STILL Laughing Here )
Is THAT Not a Perfect description of THAT Filly???
...hmmmm.... might make a good stall plaque that .... lol

You’re Right my friend .. You hit the nail Bang On with your impression.
I’m Looking at this filly more as a “fun” project.
And in no way am I anxious or worried about the “down the road” Competition “Success” factor!!
IF this filly comes home to me … I will see her as the Unique / One of a kind little Star that she is … and wait for her to show me in what discipline she will shine brightest!

Thanks for sharing Ottilie … a always, very insightful comments!
~ Barby
Barbara, Sorry it took so long to reply. I pulled my lower back on Saturday evening and been in bed since then. Just got to check my emails, this morning! Went back and looked at filly's head again. Believe my comment on her head has to do more with personal choice due to my experiences with Saddlebreds! Have been expose to many types of QH's! The Bloodline can be important however, I owned a Saddlebred mare that had the finest bloodline but she never had the natural motion or motion w/ shoes that is require in a Show Horse. However, she was a natural jumper w/ wonderful gaits! She was an example of one of the best bloodlines w/ all the beauty of a Saddlebred but w/o the require motion! Bloodlines aren't always what they should be or all that important! Got her as a green 2yr. old & kept her until she was 19 when is passed by accident! Really like filly but be sure you can handle a young green filly and/or have services of a Good Trainer to help you! I went by my gut feeling about her not by a whine and she turned out to be the Best horse I have ever been around or ridden even if she could be a hand full at times. Good Luck
....Ok ....
If there’s an area of horsemanship where I might shine, it’s my ability and experience in handling, and working with “foals” and young horses!!
I have a knack (and loads of “past” experience) for getting a Seriously Solid “Ground Work” Foundation in place!!…. and personally … I believe if the 3 -4 year old has the “Correct” foundation in place .. Starting them under saddle, is just a simple “next step”

All of that is only to say … when it comes to my “awareness“ of what‘s going to be involved, and the time it will take …. “No Worries my friends!!” :-)

….and I’m planning to have 1 to 3 “other” horses here at home, to pleasure ride, and practice my “Riding / Showing” skills on.
I’m currently in the process of shopping for these horses!! … in fact, It was while shopping, that I came across “This” weanling filly, and (for what ever reason) she just Really Caught my eye!! … I like her!!

But ....I Sincerely want the opinions of All Of You!!!
… Because Honestly ….
I don’t know of folk I would better respect the opinions of!!!!

Also, I’ll be riding with a Dressage coach (on older schoolmaster types) at least 2 times a week, starting in September (I want to ride more with a coach, as I can afford it)

I’m just looking at this filly as a long term “project”
… lol … I like working with young horses!!
I’m hoping in 3 to 4 years, when she’s ready … maybe I’ll have added enough to my “personal experience” and what I already know, so I could be the one to “Successfully” start her Show career!!

And maybe this filly WON’T end up being a Dressage horse ... I realize that just because that's what I Want ... doesn't mean that's the area where she'll shine the brightest!!
I also see the potential to jump!!!

As Geoffrey said … who knows, She Could Be a Jumping Machine!!!

Thanks Everyone For All The Comments!!
They're Genuinely Appreciated!!!
and I hope You're finding my replies - I want to respond to "each" comment.
~ Barby
Hi Barby, Well , haven't you had a great response to the blog. Lots of different points of view. As you say, you have a lot of experience with youngsters and she is not going to cost a lot, so when are you going to look!! Just one more thing, even though she is not going to cost much, still get a vet check. Keep us posted, I would love to keep hearing about what you are going do , and your progress should you buy her. Cheers Geoffrey
Yes Geoffrey ... Everyone's been very kind about taking time to share their views.
Which I Have SINCERELY Appreciated to Nooooo End!!!
It’s Honestly been Fun to read everyone’s thoughts and opinions.

And Yes, Of Course … if I make that “Yes” decision to buy, my plan is to drive to the state where this filly resides ( about a 12 hour drive) … and have a Veterinarian meet with me, to do a GOOD Solid “health” exam .. Well, minus x-rays) and depending only on what the Vet says, the final decision will be made and money paid.

and IF I actually get this filly home, I Would Genuinely LOVE to share "Our" updates with my Barnmice family!!

Thanks Again Geoffrey ... for ALL you In Put!!
~ Barby
Barby, I was looking a lot closer at the pictures, she might be tied in below the knee. Definitely get her vet checked, and ask that he or she look closely at the front legs as she has A LOT LIGHTER BONE BELOW THE KNEE than I would expect from a half-Shire. Also ask about which disciplines he thinks she would stay soundest, both in training and competing. I hope you can find a horse specialist vet to look at her.
And yes, she has something, and I am sure that you will love owning her. My first horse was less than perfect (calf-knees, knock-knees, cow hocked and sickled hocked) and he was still one of the best horses I've ever riden.
She also looks like her back will be real comfortable to ride bareback. Xenephon specified this double back (with a depressed spine) as the most comfortable. Xenephon, of course, did not have treed saddles or stirrups, so this was real important to him.
Enjoy her.


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