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we have just found out that one of our horses has got a cut on the pastern just above the hoof. We have cleaned it with some salty warm water and with some honey. We think he has done it on the wired fence because it is the councils and there are long and very green grass on the other side wich he could reach but maybe was trying to get some more. Are there any more idea's that anyone can think of ????? please help.



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Do you have vetwrap? That might keep it clean. Is it deep? Does it need some stitches?
If you can find the source I would reccomend electric wire so that it prevents him from the same injury (or worse). Try some hibitamine (sp?) and there is stuff like "SWAT" is a cream that prevents dirt and repells insects once the wound is clean and dry, with ideally an intifungal, and anti-infection agent, I also will dilute iodine in a spray bottle and spray it aswell. If it is bleeding try blood stop powder usually found in tack shops lots of cattle people have them. If it doesn't stop bleeding after blood stop contact a vet, it probably needs stitches. Once it starts to scab over I reccomend udder cream to keep the area moist and once the "scab" starts to flake off encourage it to come off as it helps prevent scaring. All that I have mentioned along with vet wrap (which Barbara F mentioned), a thermometer, a phone number for surrounding area vet, 911 paste, epsom salts, insta-ice pack, mild aroma therapy spray (as calmer), scissors (surgical and safety), atleast a 30 cc siringe, powder bute, small pocket knife, plastic/laytex gloves, standing wrap(s), koolaide/juice powder,feminine pads/diapers and duct tape and/or electrical tape should all be in a kit whether travelling or at home.

I wouldn't recommend honey as that can bring in more wasps, and dangerous /pesty insects that could prevent further injury and discomfort.
Hi Kristal, An electric fence is the cheepest and easiest solution for keeping your horse out of the fence.
While honey might not be the gold standard in todays commercial world where you can buy hospital medications, it is in everybodys pantry ,it's cheep, therefore it is VERY good for wound dressing . Bacteria cannot live in sugar! So honey is great at keeping the wound clean and because it is thick it tends to stay put better. Put the honey on and a dressing ( vet wrap is very good to hold it all together) . If the wound is weeping through the dressing then change it ,if it's not and you can keep it dry then leave it on so the wound can heal.
Cheers Geoffrey
All suggestions by others are good ways to help keep the cut clean and free of infection. When the wound heals up, try adding udder cream to help grow the hair back. Also, if at all possible, please do try to switch to electric tape/horse wire/wooden fence/etc, as wire is not a suitable fencing for horses for this very reason. Best of luck with your boy and hope everything turns out okay.
Hey everyone

Thanx for the advice. There are so many great ideas :)
Soak it with the hose or saline solution for a little while each day & get some Cut-Heal "Wound spray", it works wonders! My mare cut hers on a tomatoe fence, she's always been accident prone. She was healed in a week! The wound spray and also "dermagel" from your vet works very good too! It prevents the hair from growin back white. It also prevents the overgrowth of tissue and scarring.

Cut-Heal products are awesome for horses, im not a seller, distributor, just a buyer/user.
They have a fantastic product!
Btw, I found that using Maxi pads make a very good, cheap ulterior bandage, hold them on with some vet-wrap. If the wounds really bad, but it should be left open to dry after a couple days. Make sure you trim any hair & loose skin from around the cut. Then soak with Water & or Saline & apply the wound spray.


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