Has anyone ever made their own rugs, saddle blankets, ribbon browbands, boots, saddle covers etc?? I've made a few of my own ribbon browbands, and the ribbon part looks great, but the rosettes look terrible unless I buy professional stuff (diamante rings, buttons etc) Does anyone have some tips on how rosettes and different patterns can be done on browbands, as well as general tips on how to make your own horse gear and save on purchase price yet still have some quality about it??

While we're on the subject, my mum has just purchased an industrial sewing machine to fix all kinds of rugs. What material and thread is the best for canvas, sythetic and woolen winter rugs, as well as cotton summer rugs??

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I make fly bonnets and polos! I'm working on saddle pad patterns also. The fly bonnets are really fun because I use all cotton fabric instead of crochet, so I can make just about any cool design I like! Cool post :)

Thanks for your opinions guys!! I have made my own rope halters in the past, if you google PCAV, then go into the Pony Club Association of Victoria, then go into articles - fact sheets - rope halters and it give you steps and measurements!!

I can also make my own ribbon browbands, checkerboard and sharks tooth design, but I can't make rosettes to save my life unless I order professional rings, buttons and pleated ribbon - I can't fold bits of ribbon and stick them on and make them look pretty.

I want to have a go at making my own polar fleece rug in pony club colours - one colour for the body and the other for the trim. I have easy access to an industrial sewing machine (we fix our own rugs) but I dont think that I will need to use that. Any tips?


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