Once a week Bear gets a Cranberry Blueberry Bran muffin from Tim Hortons ... it's his absolute favourite!!!! Does your horse enjoy anything unusual for a treat? Dorothy :-)

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Bear thanks you for the birthday wishes ... :-)
Firle loves french fries, she chews them kind of like how a dog eat peanut butter. It is very cute!
Sh, sometimes we drink beer together.. Oliver is only 4, so he's a minor. I hope I don't get in trouble, LOL.... they also like cherry coke.... but honestly, I mostly stick to carrots. I gotta branch out some new ideas, but I don't... we haven't had muffins yet.
My first horse LOVED the orange drink from McDonald's and french fries, cinnamon hearts were his favorite sweet treat!

The rest of my horses are pretty normal and stick to fruits and veggies like broccoli steams, apples, carrots, celery, bananas, pretty much anything steams or anything left over from making salads we save for the horses.
My horse ate some mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and red peppers in a salad the other day!
My horses eats lots of stuff. If I'm eating it, he thinks I shoudl share. Usually I'm eating jerky or sardines, But my daughter shares licorce.

Buddy likes bananas, brocolli, caulifower, bagels, & pears. This is in addition to the usual apples, carrots, and granola bars. He's a fairly health-conscious horse.... ;)
Blue loves oranges, raspberries, and pretty much anything that could be conceived as edible to a horse:-)
To get her used to taking medicine from a syringe, I would fill one with apple juice and give it to her every day until she got used to the idea - now she grabs it with her front teeth and sucks on it!


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