Once a week Bear gets a Cranberry Blueberry Bran muffin from Tim Hortons ... it's his absolute favourite!!!! Does your horse enjoy anything unusual for a treat? Dorothy :-)

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Remy loves bananas - he eats the entire thing, skin included!! At least he gets a good dose of potassium!
Once I gave my horse a piece of bran muffin, but he spit it out and made a face. I think he was grimacing! Lol.
BJ loves Raisin Bran muffins from Tim Hortons.
Cyd loves tea. I make him warm herbal tea once a week. It's great especially with this cold snap!
What kind of tea? How do you "serve" it? :) That's such a nice idea!
I use a "ricola" tea that a friend gave me.. it's a blend of herbs. But he also like Peppermint tea. I just heat a kettle up ... pour it in a bucket and let the tea steep then once it's strong enough I add enough cold water to make it a warm temp.
He slurps it up and licks his bucket dry. Peppermint is good for digestion and with the temp changes lately it helps keep him hydrated.
You should give it a go :)
Hey Cyd!

That sounds like a really interesting idea. Perhaps I'll have afternoon tea (and a muffin!) with Bear some time this week ... ;-)
Mm... i never considered having a muffing with the tea. I'll def try this. Cyd with his bucket of tea.. me with my mug and some kind of yummy muffin :)
My horse loves all kinds of fruit and when I give him an orange slice, he licks his lips! Once, he ate a Werthers, including the wrapper, right off a counter top, then spent the next 10 minutes making bizarre faces and spitting out the wrapper. I nearly had a heart attack!
My guys love a can of Guinness. I just splosh it in a bucket and they drink it right up (just the one can each though!).
Otto goes mental for bananas, but he's also pretty mental to ride after he's had some. For some reason, they really fizz him up. He also adores extra strong mints, and after eating a few, he will stick out his tongue and suck on it, drooling with a dreamy look on his face...
My old paint Aero used to love Coors Light. Right out of the bottle, too funny to watch at first until he figured out how to suck it out instead of trying to eat the bottle!! lol
We also fed Guinness to our big Irish Hunter named SEAMUS. True Irish, through and through!!! And it really made his coat shiny!! :)


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