Once a week Bear gets a Cranberry Blueberry Bran muffin from Tim Hortons ... it's his absolute favourite!!!! Does your horse enjoy anything unusual for a treat? Dorothy :-)

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My horse seems to be very picky. My first horse loved peppermints so I thought nothing of it when I gave my new mare a hard peppermint candy. She took it and promptly spit it out and I mean spit...she didn't just drop it out of her mouth. Then she looked at me like "Mom...what are you thinking?!" and made this terrible face. She did the same thing when I tried to give her a ginger snap. I guess she's just an old fashioned carrots and apples girl.
we used to have a pony that loved apple juice cordiel, and chocolate billabong ice creams :)
ok i love my horse and i know that all his favorites are not good for him AT ALL... Dont judge me... LOL or him :P
Duncan's ALL time favorite treat is Nestea IceTea, He loves the Sweet tart candies, Licorish, gunny bears, Cinnamin Hearts Ice Caps from TIm Hortons and Slurpees. He Also eats bannanas whole.

HEHEHE hes such a goof!!!
The most unconventional treat my horse, DJ, ever enjoyed was a giant playing card. I was teaching him a card trick where he had to choose a card from a fan of 5 cards, and he selected one and - abracadabra - it disappeared! He'd swallowed it whole! Instantly! He seemed to think it was quite tasty! Needless to say, he didn't get to do that trick again.
Mine loves hot chocolate, peppermint tea, carrot or bran muffins, pizza crusts, pumpkin, orange popsicles and Dad's chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. He is a bit of an odd one and will actually eat pretty much anything except bananas, which he hates.
I need to try this tea thing, I think it's such a fun idea. I bet in the summer you could do iced tea instead of warm. I wonder if my mare would drink peppermint tea since she hates the candies so much. Hmmm...
Pogo loves coffee - very hot, black! Has also been known to enjoy red wine. He loves TAZO Zen tea (mint and lemongrass) when it is cold.

Turtle loves raisins.

Landshark Z will chase you for paste wormer (this one leaves us all shaking our heads and wondering what went wrong in his childhood!)

Everyone in the barn is a huge fan of animal crackers (a little creepy when they eat the zebras if you ask me!)
My gelding I had adopted out used to...

drink my pop out the bottle and eat my skittles.

He thought it was good. I gave him his own bag of skittles my vet said as long as it wasn't the sour ones (which he loved to death) then it was fine but no more caffine
I once rode a pony that adored french fries,
she would stick them up in her lip and suck
all the salt off then eat the actual fry.
My horse Sahara is really fussy! She won't eat any of those store bought treats. She goes all natural and only eats apples, carrots, grain and hay.
As for The other horses, they eat everything from chips and chocolate to drinking coffee (makes them hyper) and coke. One of our old mares used to enjoy a sip of red wine! Mind you she didn't get it very often at all. Special treat! Love horses, love life!
My horse Gracie loves cherry sours - I keep a tub of them in my tack box!
Found out the other day something what my horse does not like ...

As a special treat for after his first ever show I got Bear a couple of his favourite muffins ... the aforementioned Cranberry Blueberry Bran ones from Tim Hortons. At least that's what I thought I had. When I opened the bag at the barn I discovered Blueberry Oatmeal instead. Not good. I gave some to Bear in the hope that he'd be open to trying something new and within moments of him taking it from my hand he spat it out onto the floor, totally disgusted. Needless to say I made sure I made up for it the next day. Fortunately for me he's very forgiving. ;-)


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