I am a facilitator in EFLC. My clients experience important insights and changes in their lives, even after one session. It is transformative work. Horses are highly sensitive to human emotion and reflect the emotional state of the person with them and they also seem to know just what the person needs from them.

I can send more info on this work to anyone interested. I am available to offer EFLC at any barn that would like to host my work. Also, anyone can arrange for me to come work with a small group they have gathered.


Horses are masters at mindful awareness, always living in the moment. They have an expanded ability to sense their environment - what is congruent and what isn't. Just being in their presence can evoke a powerful response in a person.


I think this is a great topic to discuss.

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Please describe your program.

If one reads Equtation Science by McGreevy and McLean, one would come away with the conclusion that horses are not thinkers, they are not responsive but reactive.

I find such a conclusion irrational.  Forty plus years of working with horses has taught me that they are far more responsive than reactive.   That they have a very active thought process.  So the interaction between mankind and horse should come from the thinking responsive action rather than from the non-thinking reactive action.  This requires that the human species become more aware of the horse's perspective, more aware of the silent communication amongst horses.

Hello - I am glad to get back to you although I now have visiting family and so still a bit busy. I really like what you have said about horses have an active thought process. They are such intelligent animals and communicate with one another all the time. It is part of the culture of the herd, to be very aware and connected. It is essential for survival as prey animals. Domesticated horses haven't lost this and they are very social, needing one anothers company for their well being.

Horse are also highly sensitive to human emotion. In the wild they can sense the difference between a hungry mountain lion from a distance and one that has just eaten and walking by. We also are predators - hunters - and our inner emotional state is easy for them to read. They are at ease when we are not hiding what our true feelings are and can respond in dramatic ways to handlers who are hiding emotions - for example, forcing aside what's really going on for them or are essentially angry most of the time and their anger is underneath all they say and do. But if we are honest and authentic about how we feel, about what's going on for us, horses relax. They do not judge emotion they just want to know what they are. They want things to make sense, to be congruent.

In a coaching session horses offer important mirroring. And it is quite amazing and wonderful to see how they know what is needed and respond to the person.  Because humans have not truly seen or been open to the true nature of horses ( and are reactive with them, as you pointed out) what occurs in a session seems amazing but is quite normal and usual for the horse.

People receive many benefits From EFLC work with horse in their relationships, communication, self development, awareness and appreciation of the natural world, limiting beliefs that keep them from realizing their true potential, ineffective behavior patterns and much more.

I recommend Linda Kohanov's book Riding Between The Worlds and Kathy Pike's book, Hope From The Heart of Horses, How Horses Teach Us About Presence, Strength and Awareness.

I am happy to have you stay in touch and ask questions or share your experience.



I would like more information on this work.

Shirley - I just answered someone else's request for more information so if you go to the discussion you can read that. This way I don't need to write it all over again! Also, if you want to ask specific questions, I can do my best to answer them. I do have a website, a work in progress!, which is whitehorsecoaching.com


I want to reply and give more info on my work. I am very busy right now but will get back in a couple of days. I am so happy there is interest!! All the best, Mary


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