Just wondering if anyone could give me a recomendation for a massage therapist in Durham region (Port Perry area).


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We use Paul Wood at our barn. We're located in Stouffville, but I'm not sure which area Paul comes from.

If you go to the Members section here, then click on "Advanced Search" and type in massage therapist in the About Me section, then search, a bunch of names should come up.
Hope that's helpful!
Hi Barbara,
I would love to get Paul Wood to come out, but Ive heard that he is not taking new clients, so I need to find someone else.
I was wondering about that as well, Sue.

Try this on-site link:

Have you tried contacting the The International Federation of Registered Equine Massage Therapists?

The International Federation of Registered Equine Massage Therapists is an organization dedicated to the advancement of the equine massage therapy ...
You might try Julia Dixon REMT, CEMT
38 Milne Lane
Queensville, ON L0G 1R0
(905) 251-0221
Hi! I serve your area and would be happy to help. Please call me 613-483-7001 or email info@equissagecanada.com
Paul Wood lives in the Uxbridge area. His email address is:pwtimber@sympatico.ca Email him and see if he can reccommend someone else in Durham. I am moving to a barn in September and I can give you the name of the owner and phone # as they have a lot of professionals come into their barn regularly. Lesley Beckett and she owns Ridgeview Stables and the # is 905-985-6585. Tell her you were on Barnmice and that Gail suggested she might be able to suggest someone. Gail Morse.
Hi Sue! Did you sort out your massage therapist question? I have not seen a post on this since I last answered this.
Does anyone have an up to date email address for Paul Wood!  The last one I had was pwtimber@sympaticco.ca
Try pwtimber@hotmail.com


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