Equine Bodyworks offers mobile rehabilitation services with several different therapies to help keep your horse at its top performance level and optimal health!


What is Equine Therapy?
Equine therapy has been an undervalued area of equine health care.  In recent years the use of physical agents on horses has increased and their value in equine health care has been recognized.


Physical agents are various forms of energy such as:

  • heat
  • cold
  • water
  • sound
  • electrical currents
  • light
  • magnetic field
  • exercise
  • manual pressure

These agents are often called modalities and their use forms the basis of the practice of equine therapy.  Human medicine holds the use of these agents as standard care, not as alternatives to accepted medical practice.  For the horse, the use of equine therapy tools and techniques are a valuable aid to rehabilitation by enabling the horse to be more functional throughout recovery.  It also makes them more comfortable and shortens the duration of recovery.


The techniques of an equine therapist are applied to reduce tissue inflammation, relieve pain, reduce congestion, alter circulatory flow, increase collagen extensibility, maintain muscle tone and to increase the patient’s sense of well being.  They are applied as preparation for controlled exercise and used to make rehabilitative exercise more comfortable.  Equine therapy is applied post surgery or after an injuty to shorten the recovery time.  The techniques of the equine therapist are useful as part of the daily training regimen of the athrletci horse to minimize post exercise muscle soreness and the wear and tear effects of sports training and competition.  In this manner, equine therapy techniques can be used preventatively, reducting the cujmulative effects of over use injuries.


Therapies offered are as follows: Equine Massage Therapy, Transpirator Therapy, Game Ready Cold Compression, Magnetic and Laser Therapies.


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