Hello everyone of barnmice. I'm writing to see if anyone in my area needs any help.

I am Ayesha and I am a 21 year old horse owner and lover of a lifetime. I have grown up in a horsey world and have spent a lifetime along side my
mum retraining, and helping all types of horses over come fears,
hangups as well as abuse and insecurity issues found in all types of
horses old and young with various backgrounds, including racing,
neglect, and even spoilt horses and ponies. I can help horses to become
fun, people loving animals full of character. I have seen my own horse
Navara blossom in the short time I have had her by playing games,
teaching her tricks, and really getting her to use her brain. Due to a
back injury Navara has spent most of the time playing on the ground
with me learning tricks, targetting and liberty dressage moves, which
all came together to help the recovery of her spine (Part of an
exercise regime given to me by my chiropractor...I just made it more

I train and help horses using empathetic horsemanship, friendship, clicker training and trust building games, at total liberty (without using halters etc for the most part). Each and every horse is
different and each and every horse should be treated as an individual.
Some take a long time and others blossom within days.

I am really looking for a few people with horses in my area, maybe their horse has a phobia?...a hang up... or an attitude? I would love to help
somebody and their horse. I am looking to expand my knowledge and work
with more horses and help owners understand their horses more fully, as
well as helping myself to expand my knowledge to be able to help lots
of horses in the future.

I work as a partnership with my mum who has an empathetic and kind approach to all sorts of problems, she has worked in racing yards, taught many to ride, and has a way with all
sorts of animals. She can communicate with horses mentally as well as
physically with much success.

If anyone here is based in Dorset (South west England) and would like a little bit of help or someone to teach their horses tricks, ground manners or overcome fears don't
hesitate to send me a message and we can discuss your needs

(most work I do is on the ground, trick training,improving relationships between horse and rider, communication and body language, overcomming
fears, targetting, desensitization, and problem horse issues. Although
I am a rider this help is for ground work only.)

Please leave me a message if you are interested.

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