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What sort of goodies do you share with your barn buddies, trainers, coaches and owners during the holidays? How about with your horses?

I've always thought hot chocolate/coffee makes a nice holiday gift for barn friends and extra carrots/treats for the horses!

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I like to bring carrots and apples for the horses along with treats for the barn dog and barn cats!  For the younger kids and other students, I like to bring them a small gift of sweets - chocolate, cookies or Rice Krispie Treats. I do like to go a little bigger when it comes to my coach, his assistant trainer and my riding partner, though. If I can afford it, I like to give them something more personalized. Like, the a.c. likes Starbucks, so last year, she got a gift card. My riding buddy got some nice chocolate and my coach received the equivalent of a cash "bonus," I guess.  These guys go the extra mile for me ALL YEAR LONG, so, I do the best that I can afford to do at the end of the year. 

Gloves are always welcome. Can be found in about any price range and always useful!! And I agree treats, treats and more treats for every barn creature :)

It all depends on the person and, if you know them well enough, what kinds of things they like;  I have given a tin of nice cookies, coffee, bottles of wine, horsey calendars, horsey throws for snuggling; of course, for the horses, apples, carrots, store bought or home made cookies;  it's all in the spirit of the season, so any gift is okay.

Our horses love candy kisses (the molasses candies from Halloween), and they are often on sale after Halloween, so make a handy stocking stuffer if I remember to buy them in November!

Also, making fudge for the humans is quick, cheap and easy (use the "melt a bag of chipits, stir in a tin of sweetended condensed milk, and any "extras" I have on hand" recipe. Makes awesome Turtle fudge as well as Rocky Road). Put it in a tin, and voila! instant gifts!!

A bin of assorted scarves, ear muffs and fleece mittens from the dollar store is a relatively inexpensive addition to the barn (and, handy for those days/times when boarders forget how cold it is!)


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