I have a 4 year-old TB mare who just got her hooves done a week ago. She is an ex-race horse, so she had flat, flat feet to start with and the farrier wanted to shape them to give her a bit of a heel. He did this without asking and he's never there when we're there. The foot chipped at the front and it is a reddish colour around the nails and the chipped area. It's soft when you push down on the chipped area, but it doesn't seem to bother her at all. Right now, i am cleaning her hooves regularly, and then applying some hoof dressing and messaging the coronary band. The paddocks at our barn are sandy, and the manager never let's the troughs overflow a bit where there is some mud. I now that it sound like I am over reacting, but she is my baby and my first horse, so I want to take care of her to the best of my abilities. 




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I won't comment on the farriery, but, in terms of supplements for growing a better foot, I wholeheartedly recommend Farrier's Formula. I have a mare with massive rotation from a serious acute laminitis attack, and she's on it. It's not cheap, but in this case, it's literally a life-saver. And once you've got a good foot, you can back off the dosage to a maintenance level. Most horses find it quite palatable.
there is a method called "barefoot trimming" that is very good! it gives the horses the natural wear that they would have in the wild. It hardens up there feet, stops stone bruising and evens out the weight on the hooves. None of our hosres evre get chipped feet and we also have tb.


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