My mare injured herself in a fall and acquired a very large wound on her left hind. I needed to be able to put animalintex on it, to help drain it. I have discovered a 'SHEATHING TAPE' that is a semi transparent tape used for constuction. It is red and has the words 'tuck tape' on it, and is found at Home Depot in the paint department.


It will stick to the horse's hair and not cause any skin irritation.  The area needs to be clean and dry. I attach the tape verticaly, so it will not pull off when she moves, and use several long pieces. When i attach it to her hair, i place my hand on top of it for approx. 1 min; which i believe warms the glue on the tape to help stick it in place. This holds the dressing on while she is in her stall overnight with minimal acitivity.


Hope this helps with you caring for your horse.



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Great tip! ;)
This sounds interesting. Do you feel you MUST hold it to warm it to get the glue to work ?
Another question - I train bird dogs, and quite often the ends of the tails get sore from the dog beating his tail in the brush - do you think this product would stick on a dogs tail, and somewhat protect his tail from "the elements" (heavy brush) ??? Thanks so much.
Hi Penny, It could work; you can always try it. You would have to be careful not to tape it so tight that it would act like a tourniquet to the dogs tail. This would cut off the circulation and would be painful for the dog. Have you tried vet wrap on your dogs tail? ; that may work and just tape the end of the vet wrap.

Yes, I do feel that my hand on the tape adds to the glue effects of the tape. You can vary the time to what works.

I hope this helps! Janet
Thanks Janet - I did try vet wrap, but his tail was so painful, he hated to have me take the time to wrap it. That is why I was wondering about "holding" it for a minute. Well, I'll try it. Actually, I haven't been running him as much lately, and found a new product for healing, and it is looking real good, but.............. that tape sounded interesting. Will check it out. THANKS


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