More and more, horses are being abandoned, left at rescues, or are seized due to abuse and neglect. We started Special Horses Inc. ( to help smaller 501(c)3 equine organizations who are struggling to survive.

We'd love input from all of you as to what kind of fundraiser appeals to you. Some of our groups are selling t shirts, with profits from the proceeds going back to the rescues (e.g., Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society, and Crosswinds Equine Rescue, One of our groups is selling flower bulbs and other plantables (New England Equine Rescues,

What would motivate you to donate even a small amount to support an equine charity?

Thanks for the input - we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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I support alot of equine charities... they are my chosen charities... from wild mustang sanctuaries to rescues..... I think the best motivators are "evidences of success" where rescues follow up with successes they've had through donations.. that inspires me... a newsletter or something... as far as a fund raiser, I think your ideas are good....

My rescued Mustang, Oliver..... thanks you for all you do for the horses.... let us know how we can help.

What a nice looking boy! Some of our groups do newsletters - I think electronic is better (less paper waste). I appreciate your input.
Electronic is good... I look to read about successful rescues... even keep my eye out for an "easier" horse than this one here... :) someday I'll have another.... keep up all your great work...
Sadly, the "not legitimate" groups make it so much more difficult for the legitimate ones, especially the smaller groups who lack the resources to fundraise and market the horses they save. I could post the newsletters here, that's a great idea!


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