My 6 year old 3/4 TB x 1/4 Percheron Gelding has been put on stall rest for a few months and I'd like to know of some of your ideas of what you've done to break boredom. My horse doesn't show the usually signs of boredom (pacing, chewing, kicking, etc.), instead he sleeps all day. He looks sedated. What can I do to entertain him??

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Clicker training is always fun. I don't know how much he can move, but targeting doesn't require much motion. You can teach him to pick something up and hand it to you, or even to eagerly take his wormer or a bit.
How would I go about Clicker training him?
Sharon Foley has a lovely book called Getting to Yes. Alexandra Kurland also has many books and videos. Karen Pryor has a good website dedicated to clicker training in general. You can pull a lot off of Google and YouTube, but nothing beats a DVD for teaching timing.
I nicked my stall rest man a traffic pylon and painted the top w molasses. He loved hanging his head out of the stall to chew on it. There's also the usual stuff, jolly ball, milk jug w grain and a small hole, hand walking (if the vet ok's it) a few times a day...

I had a horse on long term stall rest several years back. She was going bonkers stalled and probably doing more damage to her knee then if she woukd have been turned out so what we did was make her an outside stall just outside the barn. She had her own 12x12 outside stall where she could see the world again and have much better air quality I might add. The day we stalled her outside she calmed down nicely and her mind was content again. She spent the remainder of her recovery time in a much better mental state and quietier so her knee had time to recover. Plus she could see her buddies. We put up a few T-post and cattle panels and a gate. Gave her some stall matts and that was it. Maybe if he was outside it would be more mentally stimulating?
Well, because of his injury- he won't be allowed out side for another 2 weeks (which I'm sure he's going to love!).
Is he allowed to be out for hand-walking?
Yes, he is on a schedule of hand walking. But, I'm looking for a toy or game he can play while stuck in his stall for 23 hours a day... haha
I agree sound advice! It's sometimes harder for us than it is for them best not to get anxious I've been there and learned my lesson, fussed too much and ended up wishing I'd left well alone.
He is definately restless. And is handwalked and brushed daily while under the influence of Ace. Howeever, he is a very intelligent horse who, mentally, I think needs to be occupied during the day. I've spread out the times he gets fed so he feels as though he's eating all day. His diet consists of TImothy Hay, LMF Super Supplement, and Vitaflex's E5000 per vet's instructions. He does have a salt block as well. I'm more so looking for innovative ideas people have- as when we're hand walking, he likes to nibble on the chain, the lead rope, my coat- but not in a vicious way. I know he's beyond bored...


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