I have a 6yr qauter horseX who is mostly green. My mum and I have been working on him for just over a year to get him 'out' on the circle and improving his paces. But he still is way above the bit, especially when schooling and gets tense, his neck goes all stiff and archs up.
Please help!!!

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OK, so your mum is an experienced horseman -- but is she able to teach you what to do to help put your horse on the bit? Evidently not -- no disrespect meant towards your mum. Not everyone is able to be a good teacher, and sometimes the whole teaching/learning process is made harder when the teacher & student are very close. How well I remember how badly things went when an old boyfriend tried to teach me to snow ski!

Really, see if you can get lessons from someone who is NOT related to you. You both may be surprised how well it goes!
i really wish i could
but theyre about $60
I was having trouble getting my horse "on the bit" when i started dressage my Dad was trying to teach me but we wernt getting anywhere so I got afew riding lessons on the weekends at Sterntaler had it in no time! They have resonably priced lessons but a drawback being that they are in raymond terrace NSW but its probaly worth it, it was for me anyway. so heres a link: http://www.sterntalerequestrian.com.au/index.php

and this may help: http://www.equisearch.com/horses_riding_training/english/dressage/p...

Good luck! and ask about anything!
use ground poles keep your horse interested by changing tactics remember keep up forward impulsion all the time ,driving power comes from behind,push ahorse forward into the bit not pull him into the bit
Spring for the $60 already. You don't have to go weekly. If you can squeeze once a month into your budget, you'll be so much happier and so will your horse. Think about all the money you're spending on a horse that's causing you frustration. You may as well pony up that little extra to make it all worthwhile. Do make sure the instructor has a good reputation, however. Bad instruction can be worse than no instruction at all.


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