I spent a little over $1,200 on my 2 horses last year. We kept them both on our own property, and the ferrier and hay we got cheap, so we did not spend that much.


I do know that some people spend well over $10,000 on horses per year. Since I moved though, I get board and lessons free so for 2010 I estimate to spend $1,800, instead of $8,805.


Horses are EXPENSIVE!!!



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alot..I show so each show can be $1000.00 in entry fees and I show 3-5 times, feed is $90.00 a month, tack ranges from $500-2000.00, I get about 4-6 lessons per month at so thats around 240-360.00, my show clothes were around $1500.00

so around $11 900.00, then include the 5000.00 on a new trailer, 8000.00 on a new horse, and my insurance at 500 a year.. and we have $25 400.00..but the traile rand horse are going to last.. so my yealring expense is around $12 100.00 ..not including gas for driving and hauling, and vet bills...
wow i spend about 7,273 a year on her
well, I have 2 horses.... for hay, trainer, supplements and shoeing for Toby and Oliver I spend @12,180.00 They board with me, at home..... I have a person that rents a room from me for $800 a month and I rent out stalls for $475 a month so my income for my horses wellfare is $15,300. That leaves me money for repairs to my property and upkeep... they are so expensive.. so I had to make a few sacrifices.... if things get worse I have another two stalls and tack room I could rent for $400 a month more but I'd rather my horses have the room so I'm holding off for now.
If I didn't have my horses at home, the price would be atleast a couple thousand more aswell..I don't see anyones price range at all (including mine) that harsh.. What I am amazed at is that the poster only spent $1200.00..wish I could do that.
If your horses lived on pasture and didn't have shoes I bet maybe $100 a month.... :) but I spend way more than that and I don't even go to the tack store.
Lol, before we moved, we lived in rual Manitoba, Canada. We had little expensis to pay for our horses, our ferrier was a very reasonable man who did a great job for our horses feet, we also spent little money on hay for the winter and only part of the summer cause our horses lived off our 8 acre pasture land which had long long grass to sustain them. Also, the $1200 we spent on our horses did not include emergency vet bills. I did not spend over $1000 on show clothes, the key in saving money with horses is, if it dosent have to do with your horse's health, you DONT need TOP quality, weather it be show atire or the most expensive Stubben Bridle or saddle. Me, I have a very nice Wintec saddle and a nice leather bridle that I show in. You dont need to spend a million dollers to look like a million dollers.

Horses are very expensive, so were always trying to save money somehow.
I guess...For me I have a health problem..I show in with the big boys this year, and because of my health problem I have been plus sized since I was 5..(underactive thyroide) and it seems normal show clothes never fit properly.. So I have clothes (english and western, halter and showmanship) made for me (hence the big bill) if I took off my stuff that will last me forever..I would get around $6000.00. If I didn't show at all it would be around $2100.00. I have no grazing land. And I have 2 horses.
This is a very dangerous post. I'm surprised the moderator didn't remove it. It is NEVER advisable to calculate how much you spend on your horse. No good can come of it.
I actualy think it is okay..it helps me atleast realise how much time and effort I put into my animals..and maybe can be educational for others who are thinking about purchasing a horse how much effort is put into ownership..It actually has really opened my eyes as I never really thought about it, I knew it was alot, but each paycheck I do what I need, and then carry on..

why is it not good? I am curious..
I agree with this poster. Why exactly is it not good? Please tell me the bad that can come from it? I find it interesting to see what other people spend, and for those people who are interested in buying their first horse, it would let them know in advance what their getting into.
Jen B is joking, :)
Thanks Jennifer! I was joking. I'm just checking back in now and realize people didn't realize that. Well kinda joking. You see if you never figure it out, you can always honestly answer "I don't know, it's worth it, whatever it is" when asked. I realize this isn't the responsible approach. But sometimes the ostrich with his head in the sand is on to something ;)


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