Okay so I ended up with a under weight mare that has a filly. I want to train her (walking on the lead rope etc.) But I don't want to tale her from her baby. We also have a stallion and the mare is worried about him so she doesn't want to be held on to so she can get to her baby. How do I go about training her? 

Fun facts: 

Moms name is Daleen

Baby's name is Caiden 

Stallions name is Emir

We don't have a round pen (if we did I would use it)

Mom and baby were separated when we got them

Baby is under weight as well but both mom and baby are gaining weight 

Thanks for the help!

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Well it's been a while! I'm now training the mare to be rode, we got rid of the stallion. We got 2 new horses for my sisters (mini pony and Arab). The baby is actually a boy (vet assistant said he was a girl!). I just started working on her under saddle and now her and the baby are doing great. Although she is a hassle under saddle, she doesn't turn well, hard to get her to go, but with time it'll be alright. 

Oh gosh! I am SO sorry to hear about your horse. 

But it is not her problem that you share a negative relationship with her.


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