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Riding is getting better and better. My new horse Sahara is opening more and more doorways, the realationship is growing and I am starting to think that the possibilities are endless! All the defensiveness is going away and riding is more fun for both of us! Thank you Parelli!
Love horses, love life!
Thanks for asking! My ride last night was really great. I am working with a new coach and she is so perceptive, she recommends the slightest adjustment to my position and Ruben transforms. He has settled much more (even in yesterday's high winds), we are developing rhythm, can go in a straight line (!) and I am much calmer and more balanced. Like Steph said, it feels like the possibilities are endless!
i go on a 6 day riding camp tomorrow, and i'll update you. i used to go on 3 day camps at my old riding school but i've never been to one at my new riding school. i hope to ride buster, a young green thoroughbred that i've ridden in a few lessons. i'll take some pics and upload them. my new instructor is totally amzing. i've done 10 lessons at this riding school and before that i was jumping 30 cm on little riding school ponies that were lazy and hard in the mouth, and now that im riding young, well trained horses and my instructors teaching me a much better position, im jumping at least 80cm pretty well. if i can do that in 10 lessons, imagine what i can do over a few years! plus she has 74 horses and they're all well trained horses that regurlarly compete. i might ride in my first show soon xD
Yarrada does not have 74 horse Lauren, there are 63. And there are only 34 max. 38 horses in the herd and quite a few of them are owned but other people. BUSTER IS NOT A YOUNG HORSE as I have already told you. Yes, he is green but not young. Not all of yarrada's horses compete regularly, only the ones that people have been working with and all will to put the time into taking them out and competing them. ok.
Had a super ride today! The weather is finally warming up enough for us to open the arena door and get outside. Really too mucky to go far, but nice to get out!
I rode in our first horse show this weekend and it was great! We ended up taking Reserve Champion for our division! My horse and I are becoming a really great team.
Yay! Congrat's on the show!
Thank you! It was our first show ever so I am super proud of us. I can't wait until the next one!
Well it's not actually my ride but the next best thing. I have a working pupil from Queensland staying with us, and she went to her first event on the weekend. The smile on her face at the end of the x-country course told a big story!! She jumped clear with some time faults, so finished 10th at her very first event. Jumped a clear showjump round and did a nice dressage test ( she was = 2nd with .40 points seperating 2nd from 6th).
It was so nice today I just had to go for a ride! The footing in our outdoor ring is perfect and the sun was so nice and warm (finally!). I have a great new coach and we have gone to 3 shows so far and won all of them so far! (there wasnt a whole lot of people in my division but we received nice comments from the judges and decent scores). I'm quite new to dressage and these have been my first shows (with a home bred 3 year old pony trained by myself) and I'm just loving it!!
Absolutely flipping amazing! :-)
Will go up later today, but yesterday we had a torrential downpour and such high winds I thought the arena and all the horses were going to fly up into a tree!
Luckily, the day before, I went on a wonderful hack. I need to be outside after a LONG winter!!


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