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I rode Lucy today and she felt like her summer self.. Basically not crazy.. lol
I didn't ride today but I'm restarting my Holsteiner mare on the lines after being off for two months. It was a cold sunny day and we worked outside. She was great!!! She hasn't forgotten a thing, and wasn't cheeky at all. Stretched right intot he contact and rounded up using her back almost right away.

I love my BIg FIlly :)

Hi, Geoffrey:

I don't want to hear about the beach in the evening - I was excited this morning because the ground didn't freeze last night! Actually, it's lovely to contemplate the possibility of the beach in the evening, even though it's months away!

I had a terrific ride this morning. The whole arena to myself, V just a little "on", but really fun, with the Airedales blasting in and out of the woods beside the arena just to keep things interesting!
didnt get there its pouring rain and the ground is like a sponge :(


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