There's been a lot of discussion these days about dressage in the show ring vs dressage as the average amateur experiences it.  The spectacular vs the 'classical'.  FEI as a show producer vs ...


An interesting thing happened in 3 day eventing, they abandoned the Classic format for FEI level competitions.  This left the Classic format in the hands of the National Federations.  The grass roots level has kept firmly behind the Classic format and entries are quite robust.  Even though there is no 'reason' other than to accomplish a finish at a Classic.


I wonder, to myself, is there the kind of support for this sort of chasm, although unofficial, in the dressage world?  Is it already there?  I train and show, myself, and I have hopes (doesn't everyone), that my young horse will 'make it' to FEI level.  Will we ever be 'contenders', not likely.  I have a regular job that I have to maintain to pay for the various and sundry horses.  I have a brilliant trainer who is German originally, who teaches in the style that leads to a correct horse.  I know there are others about who are more concerned with winning.  Can we co-exist, two streams?


Just some thoughts, I'd be interested in hearing others.

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It is the judges' fault at all levels. As long as they give marks for being behind the vertical it will continue. BTV should be severely penalized at all levels as it shows poor training methods. It should be an automatic -2 point deduction everytime it is seen in every movement in the dressage show ring. This would send a clear message.
How many people here are judging dressage at the moment? I think if you want to change the way it's judged you need to judge. Sometimes we just have to put our money were our mouth is lol. Start at the grass roots level, it's what I've done, you can make a difference but you have to be in the system. Cheers Geoffrey
i agree geoffrey! im almost finished my qualifications here in nz
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that we can't just say it's the judges, throw our hands in the air and walk on. I thought that we, the owners and riders, had a say in how our horses are trained to start with. Presented with nothing but properly trained horses, someone is still going to win....


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