Maybe some will be upset that I bring this up again, but I have been trying to find out how Laine is recovering from her horrific accident. Her blog stopped in September. A friend of mine said that her farm was sold and that she had gone back to California. Does anyone know her status? We were at Rolex that day. Very sad.

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This was in Laine Ashker's blog Dec 23. Perhaps it will shed a bit of light.

"After granny went home to CA, mom and I were forced to try and go back to as normal as a life we could. I started riding and teaching, and mom was finally able to pack away the blender, which she did eagerly. We finished up the year with having completed three horse shows and have attained the normalcy in which Crow’s Ear Farm operates. Both of us are relatively happy, certainly healthy, and we both are a lot stronger than what we were a year prior. It is true what they say, you never know what you’ve got inside until it’s tested...I have to say, we passed with flying colors. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! Here’s to looking “upward and onward” to a fresh start in 2009!"
Laine has just returned from Florida where she was quite successful with Anthony Patch, Seajack and Little Sorrow. She finished 9th this past weekend at Jersey Fresh at 3*. Laine is on Facebook which she updates quite frequently. She and Val are still in Crozier. Hope this helps.
Thanks Britt,
I finally got smart and went to the USEA website and searched her competition record. One can only pray she stays safe.


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